Tuesday 13 September 2011

Highchair Procrastination

I am breastfeeding Bug and had been exclusively doing so until a few weeks back. I always wanted to breastfeed if I was ever lucky enough to have babies and even though there have been a few difficult times I absolutely love it. I had planned on waiting till as near as 6 months as possible before weaning him and going down the route of baby led weaning but things didn’t go as planned. When Bug was 20 weeks old we saw the Health Visitor to get him weighed and after having a chat with her she advised starting him on baby rice because of how often he was feeding night and day and the frequency of him waking up during the night for feeds.

We are really enjoying weaning Bug, it’s so lovely and fun seeing him try new tastes and enjoy his food. Its so adorable to see him open his mouth ready for the next spoonful and demand more with his little babble and noises.

The only problem with weaning him now is that I have been a little lazy and kept telling myself there was plenty of time till I had to even think about weaning and get him a highchair. And I must confess even though we have been weaning him for 4 weeks I still haven’t got round to getting a highchair. I have thought about it but that’s about it. I did plan on getting one at the baby show but the only one I saw that I liked I couldn’t afford to get with buying the other things that were just too good to not get. So I left the baby show highchair-less and wistfully dreaming about the gorgeous Cosatto highchair that I would love to be mine.

I hope by writing this it will spark me into action so that I get my little man a highchair. The only problem is I am soooooo indecisive and won’t be able to decide which one to buy, or I’ll fall in love with one that I can’t afford. I must admit I am a bit baffled by what highchair would be the best for us…..surely a simple, basic and cheap highchair would do the job just as well as one that has a high price-tag and reclines and does other fancy things???

So delve into the world of highchairs I must and stop procrastinating. My little man deserves a highchair and it will be such a great delight to see him sat in one looking ever so proud to be sat in a big boy chair to have his din dins.

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