Thursday 22 September 2011

Let's Roll Baby.

Bug is changing all the time and achieving new milestones and skills frequently. It’s so lovely to see him master a new skill. His cute little face lights up with pride of being able to do something new.

He is very nearly able to sit up unaided, has the odd wobble but otherwise sits there with a big grin on his face. Babbles away more and more each day. A new little trick he loves is when he is in his Jumperoo he can now move around it 360° all by himself. For a few weeks now he has also been rolling over and he loves to do it at every opportunity he can. He does get very frustrated though when he is on his tummy as he wants to move forward but just can’t….bless him.
All of these things plus other things I haven’t mentioned are heart warming and I am so proud of my little man. There is one little achievement though that is making things a tad difficult for me. As I said Bug has mastered rolling over and as much as I see him rolling around and enjoying on his play-mat I really wish he wouldn’t keep doing it during his nappy changes. Half way through cleaning his bum or when I’m putting on a clean nappy he starts trying to roll, this is making put on his nappy a tad tricky. 

In spite of his need to roll over at inconvenient times I love to see him blossoming. It’s a delight to see his proud little face smile back at me when he’s mastered a new skill. Smiling like he is saying ‘look what I can do mummy.’

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