Saturday 10 September 2011

MamaTENS My Time Review

There are numerous things you have to consider when pregnant, one of which is what pain relief you are going to use during childbirth. One of the many options available is TENS, which is a natural and completely safe, effective form of pain relief during labour that does not harm baby or mother and can be used with other pain relief such as gas and air and pethedine. As you have personal control of your pain relief, and you are drug-free and mobile; TENS is recommended by midwives.

When I was pregnant I looked at all pain relief options and decided to use TENS to help me cope during the labour. After looking at many TENS machines available on the market I decided to purchase the MamaTENS My Time. Like other TENS machines it is a form of controllable, powerful and natural pain relief. Both the regular MamaTENS machine and the My Time have 3 programmes for the different stages of labour and for use during contractions a boost button. Unlike other TENS machines and the regular MamaTENS, the My Time has 3 additional features -
* It has a pad alarm to alert you when the pads aren’t in contact with your skin.
* It provides comfortable stimulation with the 140 steps of intensity making for a gradual increase in intensity using comfort strength technology
* It also has a contraction timer which monitors the length of labour and the time between contractions. 

It was these extra benefits, specifically the contraction timer and extra high levels of pain relief that made me choose the MamaTENS My Time over other machines on the market.

With the machine you get 4 pads and leads, belt clip, neck cord, storage pouch, batteries and spare batteries. In addition it also has a quick start guide and a more detailed guide. My first impression of the MamaTENS My Time was that it was nice and compact, looked really easy to use, and has obvious buttons with the boost button on the side. Even though it was small the buttons were nice and big, perfect for panicked, clumsy fingers. I would advise reading the guide and if possible trying the machine before labour so you are prepared.

After 9 months of waiting the time for my TENS machine to do its job arrived. My partner placed the pads in the correct positions on my back (2 on the lower back and 2 further up, the booklet provides an image to show where and informs you on the correct coloured cables). I definitely would not have been able to put on the pads correctly myself. I started off with the first programme A and straight away I felt a tingly, vibration and when the next contraction hit me I used the boost button during the contraction and I could definitely feel a difference. During the labour when I needed more relief I just increased the intensity easily with the push of a button and could definitely feel an increase and difference. Even during a painful, emotional experience I could easily see the screen and use the buttons correctly to achieve the intensity/programme I wanted. I used the neck cord and found this helpful as the machine was always to hand when a contraction hit and when the pain increased as things progressed. 

For me during my labour, in particular at home, I couldn’t get comfy and moved around and into different positions numerous times trying to find relief however in doing so numerous times the pad alarm would sound as one of the pads or more weren’t attached correctly anymore. This was quite frustrating for both my partner and I and the pad alarm was essential in informing me so they could be replaced so that I was always getting the best out of the machine. I was very impressed with the contraction timer, which made it so easy to inform the midwives at the hospital how long my contractions were lasting and the length in-between them. Having this included in a device I would have been using anyway meant I didn’t have to think about recording it another way and as my partner didn’t have to either he was free to help and support me in other ways. 

I would highly recommend using a MamaTENS My Time machine. The machine is quite expensive to buy so unless like me you plan on further pregnancies and wanting to use TENS again during labour, it is most probably better to save some money and hire the machine instead.

* Easy to use
* Contraction timer
* Boost button
* Large button and screen
* Pad alarm – heard frequently though due to pads coming off often

* Pads came off frequently during use (can be repositioned up to 30 times)
* The initial cost to buy

I was overall very impressed and will definitely be using it again for my next baby.

The MamaTENS My Time can be purchased for £79.99 or hired for £39.99 from their website.

More information about MamaTENS.


  1. Sounds like a really good product! x

  2. Like the contraction timer bit. I wish I'd had one when I was in labour!

  3. I thought about buying one of these with both my pregnancies but never did, it sounds like a really fab product and I would definitely recommend it to pregnant friends!

  4. I am pregnant and dreading the pain. It will be my second child and I don't want to have the epidural this time as everything was so numb that I could not hold my baby first. Would give this a try. Thanks for the great review.

  5. Sounds like a fab alternative form of pain relief xx

  6. OOh this looks fab I might try a tens machine this time - I did use one with My first - 5 births ago lol but this one looks great thanks for the review