Wednesday 9 November 2011

November Already....Where Has The Year Gone?

I can’t believe we are in November already….this year has flown by!!

At the start of the year I still had a big bump and it’s unreal that I now have a 7 month old baby boy.  He’s growing up so fast and time is going way too fast!!  I’ve recently had my birthday, another year older but definitely none the wiser….still using baby brain as an excuse for being so brain dead :)  The clocks have gone back signalling the end of British Summer time and the weather is getting colder as we move into winter. 

Halloween has also been and gone.  I like Halloween but I have never really done anything to celebrate it apart from when I was younger and it was just another excuse to go out on the town and have a good time.  We never did anything big to celebrate it, just a quiet night in together.  Lee got a big pumpkin and carved a scary face, this year is the first time I have ever got a pumpkin at home for Halloween.  I did get Tristan a little Halloween outfit….he was my little pumpkin.  We live in the sticks and as expected we did not have any Trick or Treaters….never had any in all the years I’ve lived where we are, a bit off the beaten track for people to come visit us.  Me and Lee also watched a scary film together….a lovely, quiet Halloween.

Guy Fawkes night has also said goodbye for yet another year.  When I was little my mum used to take me and my sister every year to watch fireworks at a local castle and I have fond memories of the excitement of the night and watching pretty sights in the dark night sky.  Every year on the same weekend of the fireworks there is a local rally and we used to go watch it after the fireworks late in to the night.  This year there was no rally for me and we decided not to bother going to watch any fireworks.

This month is my sister’s birthday and just before Christmas I’ve also got Lee’s birthday, his first being a daddy and my mum’s birthday the day after…’s a busy time of year for us.  Everywhere there are reminders that Christmas is round the corner and the countdown has begun.  I am not ready whatsoever, need to get organised and decide what to buy for everyone.  This will be Tristan’s first Christmas and the second Christmas Lee and I will have together.  Last year I was nearly 6 months pregnant and thinking how this year we would have our little son.  I am very excited about having Christmas with my little family.  I’m also looking forward to New Year’s as New Year’s Eve is me and Lee’s second anniversary.

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