Thursday 3 November 2011

Organic and Ethical Products are no longer boring!!

Whilst online the other day I stumbled across a lovely little company that I just want to share with my lovely followers.  Not only is the company I found great for those of us with little ones but it also great for expectant parents too.

The company I discovered is Scamps and Scallyways.  Scamps and Scallywags is a funky company who sell eye catching clothes, cute toys, gorgeous gifts and items that you won’t find on the high street.  Their mission is to provide customers with organic and ethically produced products for babies and toddlers that are fun and funky, providing style and individuality whilst also being practical and durable.

Scamps and Scallywags founder Jane became interested in natural and ethical products when she was pregnant; however she found it hard to find natural and ethical products that were bright, funky and weren’t boring pastels.  Becoming parents for the first time to their son Oliver, Jane and her partner Manny found their priorities changed, realising the benefit of natural products Scamps and Scallywags was born.  Through Scamps and Scallywags they aim to provide natural, ethical and great quality items that are excellent value for money and practically designed with children in mind, dressing kids as kids but with fashion-forward prints and designs that will stand the test of time.  They have sourced original items and clothes that allow little personalities to shine with bright and funky designs, proving that natural and ethical items can be fun and as they say on their website “because being organic and ethical doesn’t have to be boring” and they say “Goodbye boring pastels, hello funky prints!” 

Scamps and Scallywags have sourced a fabulous selection of brands that prove original and ethical products exist which are bright, original and funky.  They sell 100% organic cotton clothing ranges by Little Green Radicals, Organic Zoo, Organics for Kids and Toby Tiger; a bamboo/cotton denim basics range by Bamboo baby, charming hand made toys from Under the Nile, irresistible bath and bedtime products from Celtic Herbal, Earth Mama Angel Baby and My Munchkin.  They also have an eating range which includes items from Bambu who produce bamboo bowls and utensils and cute bibs from Little Green Radicals that are hip and ethical helping make mealtimes fun.  Scamps and Scallywags also have a range of gorgeous, original ready-made gift sets, hand-made photo albums and hand-carved keepsake boxes from Nkuku.  Scamps and Scallywags intend to extend their range of toys.

I think the items they sell are very original and definitely not things you’d see on the high street, I really like the Recycle Tantrums Organic cotton T-Shirt from Little Green Radicals which I think is quirky and fun and I think that Under the Nile's Veggin' Out Organic Fruit Toys are extremely original and so very cute.

Scamps and Scallywags care about where the products they sell come from and how they are made, customers can be reassured that there are buying ethically and responsibly without compromising on quality and originality.  All the brands that Scamps and Scallywags have sourced and sell on their website have one thing in common, they are all manufactured by people who share their values.  Aside from being original and natural all the products are manufactured in safe and clean environments, produced to a high standard and are free from damaging chemicals and toxins.  They are an excellent and safe choice for little ones.  The organic cotton that the clothing they sell is made of is grown using traditional methods without any harmful pesticides, which is better for our little ones bodies and better for the environment too.  Organic cotton is perfect for babies’ health and comfort and is especially beneficial to those suffering with skin allergies or asthma.

I really like Scamps and Scallywags values and beliefs and how they not only are the products they sell beneficial to little ones but are kind to environment too.  I have spoken to Jane about Scamps and Scallywags values and she said We don't claim to be speaky-clean green, but we work with a conscience and try to minimise our impact by working with like-minded suppliers who share our values.  Our clothing is made from 100% organic fabrics, printed with non-toxic AZO-free dyes and all other products are both natural and ethically produced throughout the supply chain.  We use recycled/reusable/biodegradable materials for our marketing and packaging, and try to run paperless administration where possible.”        
They are also dedicated in sourcing and providing original and organic pregnancy and new baby products and they have a linked website called Womb Mates for these particular products.  Parents want to do the best for their little ones even before they are born, from the moment of conception and the benefits of the natural and organic products they supply are a perfect choice for expectant mums and parents of precious new babies who want to give their loved ones the best without compromising on outstanding quality or originality.  Womb Mates have a range of irresistible pampering and well-being products from Celtic Herbal and Earth Mama Angel Baby for expectant mums and new baby and a range of organic baby wear from Little Green Radicals, Organic Zoo and Organics for Kids. 

Womb Mates is currently being redeveloped, whilst the redevelopment is happening their full product range including expectant mums is on Scamps and Scallywags.  The two brands, Scamps and Scallywags and Womb Mates compliment each other, with Womb Mates focusing on products for pregnancy and new baby (0-12m) and Scamps and Scallywags focusing on baby and toddler products 0-4 years with the aim to eventually provide products up to 5 years.  This overlap is intentional so that they can develop relationships with expectant mothers as they provide natural and organic products during pregnancy and then continue to provide natural products for their little ones over the years as their babies grow.  I have been told that they are expanding their range of maternity products to include products from a Swedish company called Boob Design and they intent on including hospital bag essentials and new baby products. 

Womb Mates has an interesting array of products that I have never seen before and I wish I had come across this company when I was expecting as I would have loved to have tried Earth Mama Angel Baby Organic Herbal Teas Morning Wellness Tea to see if it would have helped relieve the terrible, constant morning sickness I suffered from and I would have loved to have tried the Earth Mama Angel Baby Organic Postpartum Bottom Spray to see if it eased the discomfort and soreness I suffered after birth from the Episiotomy I had.

Scamps and Scallywags can be found on twitter @funkyscamps and they have a facebook page too, would be great if you pop over and show this lovely company some love and join them.

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