Tuesday 1 November 2011

Tommee Tippee Explora Easy to Drink Cup and Weaning Bowl Set Review

As well as being sent Tommee Tippee’s Closer to Nature Hygiene Range to review (take a look at the review here) I was also sent their Explora Easy Drink cup and Weaning Bowls set to test with Bug. Having already started to wean Bug I was pleased at having the opportunity to test these products.

Tommee Tippee produce baby and toddler products which include their hygiene range, baby changing products, soothing products including teethers and toys and their feeding range. They have received numerous awards and accolades and are one of the top brands of baby and toddler products in the global market. All of their feeding products are BPA free.

The Explora Weaning Bowls set that I received came with 2 nesting bowls (each bowl is 11floz/325ml in size), one lid and one spoon. Like all of their feeding range the weaning bowls are BPA free as well as being Phthalate free. The items in this weaning set are microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe and are suitable for all forms of sterilisation. These bowls are designed for stage 1 6m+ feeding when babies are learning to eat solids.

I really like these weaning bowls, they are a great size for the amount Bug is currently eating and they are a nice deep bowl. We have used the bowls for feeding Bug his first tastes and purees and for giving Bug pieces of food for him to learn to feed himself and have lots of fun as his journey with food progresses. I think these bowls are perfect for the transitional phase from pureed food to feeding themselves solid food. I really like the weaning spoon, the shaped handle provides a great grip and the long handle is great for feeding with and is ideal for reaching into food pots or baby food jars. Bug feeds well from the spoon and the soft tip is gentle on his sore and tender gums. It is a shame that you only get 1 spoon in the set when you get 2 bowls. I love the colour of the set and like how it is nice and bright; I also like how 1 bowl is a solid blue colour whilst the other bowl is a clear, transparent blue.

I love how the lid of the bowls has a section for the spoon to be kept with the bowl, with a cover that snaps down over the spoon keeping it secure and clean. I think this feature is very handy for when out and about and it also helps keep the spoon with the bowl at all times, which helps prevent loosing the spoon. The fact that they have a lid that snaps onto the bowl makes these bowls very convenient for taking out and about, keeping the bowl covered and clean. I love that this set is easy to store with all of the pieces of the set fitting together, keeping everything together and not taking up much room to store.

This weaning bowl set can be purchased on Tommee Tippee’s website for £4.99 and is available in pink, blue and green. The bowls can work in union with Tommee Tippee’s Magic Mat that secures bowls and plates in place with the mat sticking to flat surfaces preventing the bowls and plates ending up on the floor therefore creating less mess and less stress during mealtimes. You can purchase on their website a weaning set that includes 2 weaning bowls with lid, 6 weaning spoons, 4 food pots, magic mat, first cup and a comfi neck bib for the brilliant price of £12.00.

I also received an Explora Easy to Drink cup for Bug to test. Now that Bug is eating more he has been drinking cooled boiled water as well as still breastfeeding and he has been using Tommee Tippee’s Tip It Up cup so I was looking forward to seeing how he would get on with this cup. Like the weaning bowls this cup is BPA and Phthalate free. The cup is a stage 1 cup aimed at babies 6m+ and is designed to help babies learn to drink the easy way, helping them in the move from mealtime to active drinking. This cup has advanced-flo technology which was designed by a physicist to enable easy drinking whilst ensuring that it is really spill and leak proof. The Easy to Drink cup can be purchased on Tommee Tippee’s website for £3.99 and it is available in pink and blue.

My first impression was that I liked the cup’s bright blue colour and the size looked perfect for my little man. I love that this cup is spill and leak proof, it’s been knocked over, tipped upside down and been swung around by Bug and has remained 100% spill and leak proof. Even though the value has been designed to prevent spills and leaks it is sensitive so that liquid flows on demand without great suction needed to drink from the cup. Bug drinks from it with easy but he does seem to prefer his Tip It Up cup, but think it’s because he is used to that cup more. I also love the soft and flexible spout which is gentle on his gums and I feel reassured that it is not damaging his natural oral development.

Bug loves holding the handle, he looks so proud of himself with his big gummy smile holding his cup. He’s comfortable holding it and the handles are the perfect size for him with the specific grip that’s perfect for little fingers. I like that the lid screws on instead off just a push fit, providing great reassurance that it won’t fall off and cause a big mess. I love that it has a lid cover which is attached to the cup, no chance of losing the cover and can keep spout clean and covered easily, it’s very convenient. Not only do I love the attached lid cover but I love that a little dimple has been designed on the lid for the cover to rest in when the cup is being used. The cup comes apart for easy cleaning and comes with an instruction leaflet which gives information about reassembling and fitting the valve. My only negative is at times the valve doesn’t click back into place easily, maybe I just haven’t got the hang of it but I did find it a tad fiddly at times. Overall I think it’s a great cup that is ideal for little ones who are learning to drink from a cup.

On their website you can see the complete range Tommee Tippee’s products. Tommee Tippee can be found on twitter @tommeetippee_UK and they also have a facebook page, why not join and keep up-to-date with their products.

* Tommee Tippee kindly gave us these products to review for free, despite this I have written an honest review that contains my own words and opinions and is 100% my own *

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