Friday 9 December 2011

Big Game Hunters Hexagonal Wooden Sandpit Review

We were recently contacted by Big Game Hunters who offered their Hexagonal Wooden Sandpit for us to review.  I have fond memories of playing in a sand pit when I was younger and I look forward to Tristan playing in one, having fun in the sand bringing the fun of the beach home to the garden; so I was delighted at the opportunity to review the Big Game Hunters Hexagonal Wooden Sandpit.

Big Game Hunters provide customers with innovative and unique outdoor family games and toys.  The market leaders in giant outdoor garden games, Big Game Hunters began producing and selling garden games over 11 years ago.  They are passionate about their products that are designed for outdoor fun that bring families together.  They specialise in Trampolines, Above Ground Swimming Pools and Outdoor Toys.

Big Game Hunters provide excellent customer service, with a very fast and efficient ordering service that is faultless.  I was emailed numerous times to inform me that the sandpit was picked, packed and shipped and I also received emails to tell me that the package was on the delivery van to be delivered to my home that day.  The delivery was delayed by a day due to the courier not being able to find me (we do live in the sticks!) but overall they provide an outstanding service and the parcel arrived very promptly….it would have been next day if the courier had found me.

The sandpit comes flat-packed in a compact box which was well packaged and the wood looks and feels strong and high quality.  The parcel contained pre-cut wooden slats and ledge/top border, geo-textile underlay, protective cover, instructions and screws; everything that you need to build the sandpit, you only need a screwdriver.  The instructions are easy to follow and as well as informing you how to put the sandpit together they also contain additional information about how to care for the sandpit. 

Helping mummy build the sandpit

As it is winter and the weather is now very cold and windy I did not want Tristan to freeze playing in the pit outside so I decided to build the sandpit in his bedroom instead.  It was surprisingly easy to assemble the sandpit; I was able to assemble it myself without too much trouble with the help of Tristan of course!!  The pre-cut wooden slats simply slot into place using a very simple method, I really like how there are two different width slats so that the slats are not all the same level which makes the sandpit sturdier.  Some of the slats went together better than others and I took my time to slot the pieces together to get the best fit.  To finish the sandpit you simply secure the top ledge to the pit’s wall with the screws supplied. 

The sandpit came with a geotextile underlay that goes under the sandpit and you simply cut it to the desired size.  This also comes with a protective cover which you put over the sandpit and secure by pulling the drawstring tight.  I think that in rain water would pool on the top of the cover which could be a potential hazard and the weight of the water would make the cover sag but the instructions do say that you can prevent this by placing an item inside the sandpit which is higher than the walls.  I love the fact that it comes with a protective cover so that you can reassured that the sand is covered and kept clean and dry, safe for your little ones and animals cannot get into the sand.

Imagining playing with his crocodile in the sand

As I could not build it outside we don’t have any sand in there so I can’t say how it functions as a sandpit outdoors however I think this high quality wooden sandpit would function really well as a sandpit.  This sandpit is large, approximately 1.5 metres in width and 12 inches in height, and I think it would hold a lot of sand, if you bought enough play-sand it would be lovely and deep for little ones to have fun digging in the sand and making sandcastles.  Even though it is deep the walls are not too high to stop your little ones from being able to get in and out easily or to play with the sand from outside of the pit.  The large hexagonal shape provides plenty of room for more than one child to play inside at one time, so great for little ones to play with siblings or friends.

Even though the sandpit is strong and sturdy I think that it is light enough that two people could easily move it to another place in the garden if needed without too much difficulty.  The instructions say that a suitable wood treatment should be used yearly to help protect the sandpit and I personally would store the sandpit in the garage through the winter to lengthen is lifetime as I am not sure how it would withstand bad weather.

Compared to other sandpits that I have seen I was pleasantly surprised at how big this sandpit is and I think the hexagonal wooden sandpit is nicer than cheaper plastic sandpits.  I am impressed with the quality of this sandpit and the wood has a lovely smooth finish and the design is attractive.  It is perfect for the garden and would encourage children to enjoy playing outdoors and get some fresh air.  This sandpit would make a lovely gift.  This sandpit is a safe and secure place for little ones to have lots of enjoyment digging and playing in the sand.  I look forward to next year and better weather, fingers crossed for a lovely summer, to see Tristan having lots of fun in this sandpit and we will be using this sandpit for many years to come. 

This gorgeous hexagonal sandpit can be bought on Big Game Hunters website for £59.99, which I think is great value for money for a high quality wooden sandpit that is easy to set up ready for lots of sand fun.  Also on their website you can purchase a vast range of outdoor toys for fun and games outdoors. 

Thank you Big Game Hunters for this lovely sandpit.

* Big Game Hunters kindly sent us this sandpit to review for free, despite this I have written an honest review that contains my own words and opinions *


  1. Love the look of this sandpit. We have a sand and water table for Daisy which is divided into 3 sections. It's great for her to be able to stand up and play at the table but just lately she has started climbing into it! My worry is that she will get stuck in one of the sand /water sections or that she will fall out of the table. I think we may have to invest in a bigger sandpit that stands directly on the floor. 

  2. would have loved something like this for my two when they were younger