Sunday 18 December 2011

Dear Santa,

Dear Santa,

Pretty please could you help me get some lovely gifts for my loved ones.  I do believe it is the thought that counts but I would also love to get them some gorgeous things that I know they would love….if only I had the money.

For my gorgeous son Tristan I would love to get him some Fisher Price goodies to keep him entertained.

A fun Smart Trike would be amazing for my little man.

smart trike

For my loving fiancée Lee I would love to get him some games for his PS3 with Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 being top of the list.


Some tickets to go see some comedians he loves would be great too, Jimmy Carr or Lee Evans would be brilliant….or even a trip and tickets to go and see his beloved Tottenham Hotspurs play footie.


For my brilliant mum I would love to surprise her with a lovely getaway to anywhere she wants to go so that she can get some much needed rest and relaxation.


A large supply of books would be great too to feed her love of reading.


For my lovely younger sister I would love to get her some very sparkly heels….she loves her heels and definitely loves a touch of sparkle.  I know she would adore a pair of heels from The Crystal Boutique.

crystal heels
Some Ed Hardy clothing would not go amiss for her either if you are feeling generous Santa.

Ed Hardy

And all little old me wants is a lovely Christmas, happiness and good health for my family.  But if you had to squeeze me for something I would like, I do love fingerprint jewellery, it would be amazing to capture my little man’s print forever in stunning sterling silver.  I adore Tiny Trinket's jewellery.

fingerprint jewellery

Oh ye I do think Bum Deal’s customised animal nappies are extremely cute and I would love one.

Animal Nappies

Thanks Santa.

Lots of love,

Elizabeth xx


  1. Thanks. Hope you have a lovely Christmas yourself x

  2. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and Santa brings you something nice :) x

  3. This is so awesome and cute and definitely lovely.