Thursday 1 December 2011

Welsh Words - Coffi

I have been distracted of late with Tristan and his dreaded teething and other posts that I have neglected to use Welsh words as the inspiration to post about the theme of the word in question.

Before I met Lee he did know a few words in Welsh that he learnt from a friend.  One of the words he already knew is not that dissimilar to the English word –


Coffi means coffee.  It did not surprise me to learn that he knew how to say it in Welsh as Lee truly loves his coffee and does not function well in the morning until he’s had a couple of cups of his beloved brew.  He knew how to say “dwi’n hoffi coffi” which means “I like coffee” even though like is not quite strong enough a word to describe his coffee addiction.

I personally hate coffee; I find the taste and smell horrid.  We hadn’t been living together long when I got pregnant and very early on in the pregnancy my sense of smell was heightened and I suffered terribly with nausea and morning sickness (even though it was all day long, why they call it morning sickness baffles me!).  Even though I’ve never been a fan of the smell of coffee I could tolerate it but in those early months of pregnancy I could not stand it, I found it disgusting and it would send me running to the toilet to yet again go sick.  I could smell the stuff from far away and it would just turn my stomach to kiss Lee if he had just had a coffee.  Thankfully the smell of coffee no longer turns my stomach as I’m sure coffee will be in Lee’s life for many years to come.

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