Friday 23 December 2011

Where has the Christmas spirit gone??

Even though I am excited about Tristan’s first Christmas I am not feeling very Christmasy at all.  This year doesn’t feel like Christmas….I haven’t noticed many houses with decorations and lights especially compared to last year and the shops don’t shout ‘Christmas’ to me.  There seems to be a lack of Christmas sparkle, decorations and lights.  Is it just me or is the Christmas spirit not so strong this year??

I can understand why there are less decorations and lights adorning houses with money being tight with everyone and people not being able to afford to shop and buy so much.  I am sure many people have to do Christmas on a very tight budget.  I can sympathise, money is very tight for us and Tristan is the only one we are treating and even then we aren’t spoiling him unnecessarily just because it’s Christmas.  We are just going to enjoy quality time with family rather than gift giving and receiving.  Isn’t that what Christmas should be about anyway??  

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  1. I thought the same, I keep telling everyone I speak to Merry Christmas in the small hope they share the spirit. Our house is lit up and we are all very excited for Christmas even when money is tight :) eeeeek 2 more sleeps to go