Sunday 29 January 2012

Bring on the mess!!

Tristan loves his food and I like to let him have fun and enjoy exploring new tastes and textures.  Even though it can create a lovely mess I let him attempt to feed himself a variety of different food. 

Sometimes it’s only a little mess of food around his mouth ….

Other times the mess is a tad more….



I love seeing him have fun and the smile on his face as he feeds himself is priceless.  He can be washed, clothes can be cleaned, highchairs can be wiped clean….if it makes him happy I say bring on the mess!!

I am including this as my entry to the Appliances Online messiest kid competition at Mother’s Always Right.


  1. Brilliant attitude - I think it's best just to resign to the mess, it's bound to happen anyway! Gorgeous pics x

  2. cute pic, got to love self feeding!

  3. Thanks. Mess, fun and little ones create beautiful memories. Thanks for a great competition x

  4. Thanks! Self feeding is brilliant, so much fun!! Great to see Tristan enjoy himself exploring food x