Tuesday 14 February 2012

Boogie Baby

Tristan is growing up so fast now and developing a cheeky little character.  It is so lovely to see my little baby grow and change.  The joy he brings me is immense.  A smile is guaranteed to be seen on my face when my little man dances.  Tristan loves to dance to all types of music. 

He babbles, shrieks and dances to nursery rhymes and children’s songs.  He even dances to a range of other music including rock, dance, R’n’B and pop.  It is so amusing to see him dance to the music with a huge, beaming smile on his face.


One song in particular is guaranteed to have him dancing happily.  He seems to love ‘Mama Do The Hump’ by Rizzle Kicks.  As soon as he hears the song on the radio or on the music channel he is immediately dancing, jigging his big clothed bum in time to the music.  It is adorable to see and every time I hear this song when I’m not with Tristan I picture my little man having lots of fun dancing.


  1. Oh my word this post did make me smile because Daisy also loves to dance to Mama Do The Hump. I keep thinking to myself that it's perhaps not the most appropriate song for her to dance to but she loves it! We first heard it on Blue Peter one day and then I found it on you tube and played it again to show Daddy how she danced to it. Since then it's been a regular repeat and she swings her arms around and wiggles her bum. It's just so cute. When I'm out and about and hear this song I just grin because I'm desparate to do a 'Daisy dance' wherever I happen to be :-)

  2. Bless another Mama Do The Hump dancing little one!! I have thought that it isn't the ,most appropriate song but he loves it!! It is so adorable and I love seeing him have fun that I indulge him with his favourites songs to dance to x

  3. My Melody has started dancing to everything now!!  My youngest, Flynn, just sances to Do the Dinosaur from Ice Age 3 - he is obsessed with this film!!

  4. Nathan is 10 now but whatever he was doing, if Eminem (Stan) came on he would just stop - that song used to stop crying, whinging, playing - he really loved it !!  lol x