Sunday 19 February 2012

Cloth Nappy Love

I love cloth nappies!!

I have always wanted to use cloth nappies if and when I had babies.  Whilst I was pregnant with Tristan I researched the different nappies available on the market and decided to buy a trial pack to begin with just in case I didn’t get on with reusable nappies.  I was a tad apprehensive that it would be a lot of work and more hassle than what it was worth but I thought if I don’t even try it I will never know.

I really enjoyed pre-washing my nappies whilst I was pregnant in preparation for little man arriving….sad I know!  At the end of March last year came the day that Tristan made his appearance into this big world and the time for me to get to grips with cloth nappies.  From the beginning I used them 24/7, day and night, and absolutely fell in love with using cloth nappies.

After a few weeks of using cloth nappies I was in love with them; I found them so easy to use, I actually enjoy washing and drying them and they look super cute.  I bought more nappies to add to the selection of nappies I bought in a trial pack which meant I didn’t have to worry about running out and washing and drying them quickly.  I love adding new fluff to my collection but as I have plenty for our needs of only one little one in nappies I make a point of not spending too much money on new cloth nappies that I don’t need so that I am not spending the little amount of money we do have unnecessarily.  Trust me if money was no objection I would love to buy more gorgeous fluff.  I have bought some nappies though, preloved or on sale and I enter any competitions I stumble upon for cloth nappies and luckily I have won a few.  I love the Blueberry camouflage pocket nappy I recently won with Screaming Green.

There are many reasons why I wanted to give reusable cloth nappies a go and why I love them –
*  Cloth nappies are economical, using them instead of disposables can save you money in the long run especially if you plan on having more than one child
*  They have environmental benefits being kinder to the environment than disposable nappies
*  I personally feel that they are kind to my little man’s bum, I have never had any nappy rashes and they are soft and comfy for him to wear
*  I love seeing a washing line full of cloth nappies drying in the sun
*  They are adorable!!  There are so many beautiful cloth nappies on the market and I think they look adorable on my little man giving him a clothed big bum

I think I will be a little sad when Tristan is older and potty trained and the need for cloth nappies I no more….hopefully I will have another little baby by then to use them again and satisfy my little cloth nappy addiction.

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