Thursday 23 February 2012

The Baby Shoe Company Soft Sole Shoes Review

Tristan doesn’t stays till for one minute!  He is crawling, cruising furniture like a pro and tentatively taking his first steps.  Knowing that being bare footed is best for his adorable, little feet for the majority of the time he is bare footed but at times being bare footed isn’t suitable and he needs something on his feet to keep them warm and protected.  Socks and slippers never stay on for very long and I don’t like shoes that restrict his feet so I am always on the look out for some cute soft shoes for little man.  When I was given the opportunity to test and review some soft leather shoes I just couldn’t resist. 
The Baby Shoe Company was established by Gary Ogden and his wife Helen after they struggled to find a good choice of baby shoes at a reasonable price when they had their children.  They created this small family run business to provide parents with reasonably priced baby shoes.  They “offer an extensive range of quality baby footwear for infants, that won’t break the bank.”  The Baby Shoe Company sells beautiful soft leather baby shoes with stylish designs suitable for newborns and toddlers for indoor use and travelling.

We were sent a pair of soft baby trainers in blue from their Cuteez range.  The shoes came beautifully packaged in a lovely organza bag.  The trainers are a soft white leather with pale blue ankle band, imitation laces with pale blue and green stripes to the side.  The leather is soft and flexible and the soles are suede which provides grip.  I feel reassured that the dyes used for these shoes are non-toxic and completely safe for little ones; my little man is a shoe muncher so it’s good to know if he puts these shoes in his mouth it is safe and I like knowing they are safe against his delicate skin.  The shoes are elasticated at the ankle to keep the shoe in place; all of the Cuteez range either has elasticated ankles or Velcro straps to secure the shoes on little ones feet. 

I think the shoes look very cute and they fit Tristan really well with room for growth.  I like that they are made from soft, flexible leather that does not restrict his feet and are the next best thing to bare feet.  I feel reassured that these shoes allow feet to develop naturally whilst also providing protection and keeping his feet warm.  When Tristan is on the move you can see that the shoes flex with his movements allowing him to move as he would bare footed and the non-slip suede sole helps him grip especially on laminate flooring.

Blue Trainers Soles
Non-slip suede soles
The soft baby trainers we were sent can be bought on The Baby Shoe Company’s website for £8.99, which I think is an extremely affordable price.  I think the finish of these shoes isn’t quite the same standard as very expensive, high quality soft baby shoe brands however for their price they are a good quality.  I think these shoes are a great alternative to the expensive ones on the market and for the price you could buy a few pairs.  Every parent knows little ones are expensive and with most people struggling financially these soft baby shoes are a very reasonable price which allows parents to give their children the best next thing to being bare footed.  There are lots of different styles of Cuteez shoes available on their website, where they have special offers.  I think the Scallywag Pirate shoe for £11.99 is adorable.  
Pirate Shoe
* The Baby Shoe Company kindly gave us these soft baby trainers to review for free, despite this I have written a honest review that contains my own words and opinions and is 100% my own *

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