Thursday 9 February 2012

Lillipops Iced Soothies Review

When I was pregnant with Tristan I suffered with constant morning sickness for most of my pregnancy.  If I wasn’t going sick I was feeling sick and nothing helped to ease the constant nauseated feeling or stop me physically going sick.  When I was offered the opportunity to write a review about a morning sickness remedy I asked my pregnant friends to test them out for me as I was keen to see if they would do the trick and ease morning sickness.  I was very curious to see how effective it would be and I thought it would be beneficial to know if they work so that I can use them if I suffer with morning sickness next time I am pregnant.

Lillipops Iced Soothies
Lillipops was created by founder Denise who was inspired after struggling with severe morning sickness without finding an effective remedy.  After suffering terrible morning sickness during her first pregnancy and suffering from dehydration because of it, during her second pregnancy Denise found that ice helped keep her hydrated and it was a wonderful substitute to food and liquid but found she still craved flavour.  Having found a solution to her morning sickness and dehydration but longing for flavour she made her own iced pops using a secret blend of delicious ingredients such as refreshing mint and fresh ginger.  When morning sickness kicked in during her third pregnancy Denise immediately began using her iced pops to ease her nausea and re-hydrate her body.  Thanks to the iced pops she made using her own secret blend of ingredients Denise enjoyed being pregnant with her daughter Lilly who was born at the end of 2006.

“Lillipops….the natural way to ease you through your morning sickness”.

Lillipops are specially formulated iced soothies that are described as being “for pregnant women as a delicious way to ease nausea, relieve heartburn and stay hydrated during pregnancy”.    As well as hydrating, easing nausea and heartburn they may alleviate dry mouth, provide energy and are a soothing way to ease morning sickness and associated symptoms.  A vast amount of research was carried out into the ingredients to use so that the ice dsoothies flavours could both be delectable and beneficial for pregnant women.  Lillipops consists of 5 delicious flavours of iced soothies –
       *  Revitalising Lemon and Mint
       *  Refreshing Grapefruit and Tangerine
       *  Calming Camomile and Orange
       *  Energising Lime and Vanilla
       *  Soothing Ginger. 

Lillipops Iced Soothies

Lillipops are naturally flavoured and contain NO artificial colourings, sugar or flavourings.  They are safe to use in pregnancy for both mum and baby.

Two of my pregnant friends tested these iced pops out for me to see if they helped ease their morning sickness and symptoms.  Miss S who is in the very early stages of pregnancy only being 6 weeks pregnant and is feeling nauseated throughout the day and Miss B who is currently 10 weeks pregnant is suffering terribly with morning sickness; going sick numerous times a day, feeling tired, nauseated and food turns her stomach (I am using fake names as both of my friends have only told their close friends and family about their pregnancy at this stage).

Both found the iced soothies very refreshing and tasty and they were intrigued by the flavours, finding them very different to standard iced soothies or lollies.  Miss S particularly loved the lime and vanilla but she did not like the lemon and mint.  Miss B loved the lemon and mint which she said made her feel refreshed and her energy levels felt topped up and even though the ginger didn’t initially appeal she found it very tasty and that it soothed her stomach.  They have  bothheard that ginger helps morning sickness and both agreed it was a refreshing, cooling way to benefit from ginger in a very unique and inventive way.

Miss S has been finding that some food and drink leaves a nasty taste in her mouth and she was pleased that these ice pops did not leave a horrible taste in her mouth; instead they were very tasty and addictive.  When a wave of nausea has come over her she has found welcomed relief from sucking on one of these iced soothies.

As Miss B has been suffering with bad morning sickness and has been struggling to keep food and drink down she was very happy that these lillipops have been keeping her hydrated and it is a relief to get some fluid in her when she can’t keep much else down and everything makes her feel sick.  Even though they haven’t got rid of her morning sickness using these iced pops she has seen her symptoms subside slightly and whenever she has felt sickly munching on one of the tasty iced pops has made her feel better.

Lillipops Iced Soothies

Both of my pregnant friends said they would recommend Lillipops and as they worked for them they would be buying more boxes to help them ease their morning sickness and make their pregnancies more enjoyable.  I think it’s great that these ice soothies are effective for morning sickness and that pregnant women can have relief the natural way.  I think they are definitely worth a try if you are suffering from morning sickness, I know when I was I would try anything to help and as with most things in life the flavours will appeal more and be tastier to some more than others.  I think these are a very beneficial to pregnant women who are suffering with morning sickness and its symptoms.  I will definitely be giving these a try when I get pregnant again if morning sickness hits.  I also think Lillipops could be beneficial to people who are sick to help them hydrated and give them a little boost of energy, for example I think they would be fantastic for cancer patients.

More information about Lillipops can be found on their website where you will also find a wealth of information and advice about pregnancy.  You can also follow them on twitter @Denisesoden1 and like their facebook page.  Lillipops can be purchased in a box of 20x20ml ice pops for £7.30 on Amazon.  They are currently available to buy in the UK, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Canada, South Korea and will be available in the near future in Australia, New Zealand, USA and Turkey.

* Lillipops kindly gave us these Lillipops Ice Soothies to review for free, despite this I have written a honest review that contains my own words and opinions and is 100% my own *


  1. These are a brilliant idea, wish I knew about them when I was pregnant!

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    I would love it if they could put all the medicines and things that I take into lollies or ice creams lol :)