Friday 30 March 2012

Easter entertainment for little ones with Nick Jr.

Over Easter Nick Jr have some brilliant TV shows for little ones to watch and love.  We were sent a pre-view DVD of Nick Jr’s exciting Easter themed shows and we have enjoyed watching them.

Dora the Explorer.

Dora the Explorer goes on an eggciting adventure this Easter on Nick Jr.  Dora and Boots go on an eggciting journey to rescue the Hip-Hop Bunny’s basket which is filled with eggs and treats that was thrown by Swiper into the Rainbow Garden.  Dora and Boots head out on their adventure to save the basket of eggs from the waterfall in the Rainbow Garden in time for the big Easter egg hunt.  On their Easter day adventure, Dora, Boots and Bunny sing the Hip-Hop Bunny’s Easter song as their adventure takes them through the garden’s itchy-scratchy flowers, through the petting zoo and speeding down the Rainbow River on a giant rubber duck.  Dora saves the basket just in time and goes home for a lovely, fun Easter egg hunt with all of her friends.

This brand new Easter adventure with Dora is a fantastic show for little ones to watch and enjoy.  Popular heroine Dora makes Easter lots of fun this year with her eggciting adventure which airs today, Friday the 30th of March on Nick Jr at 4.30pm.

Team Umizoomi.

This Easter it’s the Umi City Egg Hunt on Team Umizoomi.  At the Umi City Egg Hunt Milli, Geo and Bot are helping their friend to find the special Rainbow egg.  Whilst they race to find the special egg they practice their maths skills.  The special Rainbow egg drops down a rabbit hole and the team jump in after it into a remarkable world of rabbits.  The team have to race across Rabbit Town to save the special egg from being scrambled in the egg factory.

The math-powered superheroes’ Easter adventure during the Umi City Egg hunt is coming to Nick Jr. in April.

Tickety Toc.
Tickety Toc is a brand new lively, fun show filled with the adventures of twins Tommy and Tallulah Tockety who live in a very special, magical clock in an old clock shop.  Every hour, on the hour the special clock chimes and the shows heroes, the twins, pop out.  Once back inside the clock they enter a colourful, fun and extraordinary world of comedic surprises and eccentric characters; such as weather obsessed chickens and hare-brained rabbits.  The twins are challenged to save the day, to return life to normal and keep the clock ticking, during their action-packed adventures.

This brand new animated show aims to enable kids to laugh as they learn.  Each episode of the show focuses on familiar patterns of everyday life, helping children to explore the concept of time in a fun way.  The dual-gender show teaches children about comprise, teamwork, interactivity and problem solving.  Tickety Tock launches on Nick Jr on the 23rd of April at 8.15a.m.

All of the programmes were a hit with little man and his cousins.  Dora is fabulous as always, the girls loved Hip-Hop Bunny’s Easter song.  They loved the new show, Tickety Toc, finding it very colourful and fun.  All of the shows had them enthralled enjoying the characters and their adventures.

* Nick Jr kindly sent us this DVD to review for free, despite this I have written an honest review that contains my own words and opinions *