Saturday 17 March 2012

Mother's Day

Last year I wasn’t even sure if my little man would have made his appearance into the big wide world or not for Mother’s Day.  My little man’s due date was the 30th of March with Mother’s Day landing on the 3rd of April. 

In the end my little man was right on time, being born on his due date.  It felt like a dream on Mother’s Day that I actually had a baby and I was a mummy.  It was lovely that he was born before Mother’s Day and that instead of still being inside my bump he was cradled in my arms.

Lee had been super organised and got two cards, one for Tristan to give me if he was born and another that said from Bump.  I also got a lovely teddy bear and cute mug set and some beautiful flowers.  It felt very special with it being my first ever Mother’s Day as a mummy.

With Mother’s Day tomorrow I just want a lovely day with my little man.  Even though all the lovely Mother’s Day gifts you can get are gorgeous I don’t expect anything like that as I think just like Valentine’s Day it really is just another day.  I get lots of love everyday from Tristan that makes me feel like a very special mummy to have a lovely little son every single day and Lee shows me that he thinks I am a good mum. 

I realise that as he gets older Mother’s Day will be important to Tristan, he will be proud to give me cards he has made with Daddy and at school and help Daddy make me breakfast in bed and I look forward to this as a cute, homemade card from my son will mean a whole lot more than anything expensive you can buy.

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