Saturday 24 March 2012

Schleich Farm Life Review

I grew up on a farm and loved playing with farm animal toys and other farm related toys, such as tractors, getting lost in an imaginary fun world of farming.  I want Tristan to experience some of the fun I used to experience whilst enjoying myself playing with farm animals, tractors and farm buildings especially as he is growing up in the countryside with a family farm on our doorstep.  I think farm related toys are brilliant for children to play with especially as their imaginations are encouraged to come alive as they delve into an imaginary world of farming, Tristan’s little cousins love playing farm and its adorable seeing them have fun playing with their toys in their farm world.  When I was contacted by Schleich’s PR Company about reviewing some products from their Farm Life range I was eager to see if Tristan’s little cousins enjoyed playing farm with these models.

Schleich produce accurate models of people, animals and accessories; they are World Wide market leaders in making top quality models that are great value for money.  Their models are aimed at children from 3-7 years of age but are loved by both young and old.  Their figurines are hand painted and are stunningly realistic, great for children to role play with anywhere as Schleich’s motto is “Anywhere’s a Playground.”  Schleich began making figurines in the 1950’s and then in the early 1980’s started making animal figurines.  They have always had strong principles of ensuring high quality work throughout all aspects of their products from thinking and designing to manufacturing and selling.  All of their models comply with relevant safety regulations and are CE tested and approved so they are safe for children to play with.

We were sent some products from the Schleich Farm Life series; the Show Jumping Course, an Alpaca Stallion, Trained Horse, Tennessee Walker Mare and a Rabbit Grooming.  When I first saw these models I was astonished by the amazing quality and fantastic attention to detail.  They are incredibly life like, each figure is designed to be a perfect replica of the real animal and they are stunningly realistic, each model has the unique characteristics of the animal and from head to toe the fine details and marking are amazingly detailed and perfectly done.  The models are incredibly sturdy and durable; I think they will easily last at the hands of a heavy handed child and last generations.

The Tennessee Walker Mare is a beautiful, elegant horse.  The show jumping course is a lovely item to really get children interacting with the animals as they play; the set comes with a variety of different jumps and it is lighter than the animals but still strong.  I love that you can see and feel the texture and detail of the Alpaca’s wool, which also shows how exquisite the quality of the models are and how the attention to detail is outstanding and very realistic.

Tristan’s cousins love animals and when I game them these Schleich models they got all their other farm toys out too and their imaginations went into overdrive.  They were animatedly playing with the Schleich models, contently chatting away and were kept very entertained playing with the toys pretending to play farm.  The girls had lots of fun on the farm with Schleich.  The eldest loved the horses and thought they were very pretty, she loved playing with the show jumping course having the horses gallop around and leap over the jumps.  Little Miss loved the rabbit the most, thinking he was very cute.


I think these models are perfect for sparking imaginations and inspiring role play.  They are a brilliant way for children to celebrate nature’s wonders and explore the glorious animals through play, learning whilst having fun.  I also like how you can get a family of the same breed which will help children learn about families and young animals.

The range is immense, along with classic farm animals such as pigs and sheep their Farm Life range also includes less obvious farm animals like Alpacas and Dwarf Goats.  The collection is expanding all the time, at the beginning of this year in January Schleich added Alpacas, Shropshire Sheep and Dwarf Goats to the range as well as a new selection of horses including Icelandic Ponies and Akhal-Teke Horses. I am very impressed by their extensive range and the amount of choice available, I love that with some animals the same breed is available in different positions.  The Schleich Farm Life range of models and accessories is part of the World of Nature collection, this collection also includes the Wild Life range which has animals such as Elephants, Sharks and Squirrels.  Schleich also have the World of History and World of Fantasy collections.

Children can also learn more about the animals in their collection by visiting the Schleich website where you can read fun facts, descriptions and characteristics about the animals, see their conservation status, global home which tells you where they have come from and their primary habitat along with their scientific name.  Also on their website when viewing an animal’s profile you can put the animal on to your wish-list, recommend it and see a 360° view of the animal.

Online profile with fun facts and information
I think Schleich’s figurines would make lovely presents and they would make a great alternative to chocolate Easter eggs as a lovely Easter present that won’t cost a great deal and will be played with long after the chocolate eggs have been devoured.  The Rabbit Grooming as well as a host of other lovely figurines from the Farm Life collection, such as the chicks, rabbits and lambs would make a superb Easter themed gift.

You can use Schleich’s website to find a retailer near you to purchase their models or you can purchase them online on Amazon.

* Schleich kindly sent us these Schleich figurines to review for free, despite this I have written an honest review that contains my own words and opinions *

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