Wednesday 28 March 2012

Halos N Horns Toothy Fruity Toothpaste Review

Tristan has recently got his first tooth with a second one quickly following and in the last few days a third one is slowing making an appearance.  I want Tristan to get used to brushing his teeth and good oral hygiene from an early age so that he starts to understand the importance of cleaning his teeth and I want him to get used to a routine so that I don’t have too many battles getting his teeth cleaned when he is older and him refusing to clean his teeth.  He has already had his first trip to the dentist a few months ago and we have been cleaning his gums.  We have now started brushing his new teeth, helping them be sparkly white for when he proudly shows off his new toothy-pegs.  As his teeth have finally at long last decided to grace us with their appearance it was perfect timing when we were offered to review Halos N Horns Toothy Fruity Toothpaste.

Halos N Horns Fruity Toothpaste
Halos N Horns Toothy Fruity Toothpaste contains 1450ppm of fluoride, which is the government recommendation.  I think it’s great that it contains that amount as it helps keep teeth clean and importantly helps prevent and protect against tooth decay.  Their toothpaste is SLS free which means that it doesn’t froth in the mouth as easily as traditional toothpaste which is great for little ones.  I love the fact that it is SLS free and I feel reassured that if my little man swallows any of the tooth paste it wont cause any harm and he wont be ingesting lots of chemicals.  It is recommended for children up until 6 years of age.  The toothpaste is award winning having won Practical Parenting and Pregnancy awards and TIPS Highly Commended Toothpaste award 2010-11.

I really like the packaging and design, the 75ml of Toothy Fruity Toothpaste features brightly coloured pictures and writing, which makes it look attractive and fun for little ones and eye-catching.  The design makes it obvious that this product is for children and the Halos N Horns design is instantly recognizable; I love the logo with the two little faces and how it says on the tube "for little chatterboxes."    I love how they have incorporated how little ones can be both little angels and little devils into their company name, design and logo.  The toothpaste itself is a bright pink colour which is also eye-catching for little ones.

Halos N Horns ToothpasteEven though we have been cleaning his gums to get him used to an oral hygiene routine as it has taken so long for his teeth to make an appearance and he is nearly 1 and getting more and more independent and stubborn I wasn’t sure how he would like having his teeth cleaned but I need not have worried, he loves having his teeth brushed!  Tristan is too young to tell me his thoughts on this toothpaste but the fact that he lets me brush his teeth with no troubles speaks volumes, he loves it when I brush his teeth using this toothpaste especially compared to the toothpaste we had started using before we were sent this one.  Tristan gets all excited when he sees his toothbrush and this tube of toothpaste.  He happily lets me brush his teeth and even attempts to clean them himself.

This toothpaste has a great smell and taste; it tastes of bananas and strawberries and has a lovely fruity smell which is a great alternative to minty toothpaste.  I think the nice taste helps make little ones more interested about brushing their teeth which helps make life easier for parents especially for those who have children who hate brushing their teeth and have to struggle to get them to do it.  Tristan smells divine after his teeth have been cleaned, almost good enough to eat and the little teeth he does have are sparkly white thanks to the gentle cleaning action.  I think this toothpaste is a great introduction into cleaning teeth, helping make it a pleasant experience and encourage a good routine of brushing teeth. 

Halos N Horns Toothy Fruity Toothpaste can be bough from most big supermarkets with the 75ml tube available to purchase for £2.34 which I think is a great price and an affordable alternative to harsher brands and expensive organic brands.  They also make fun and affordable bubble baths, shower gels and shampoos for babies and children that are made from natural ingredients and don’t contain any nasty chemicals, the Halos N Horns range ofproducts can be seen on their website.  To be one of the first to know about exclusive news, offers and new products join their Parenting Panel, as a member you get a 20% off discount voucher to use to buy their products.  You can also keep up to date with Halos N Horns by becoming a fan on facebook and following them on twitter @HalosNHorns.

A little about Halos N Horns.

Halos N Horns Logo

HalosN Horns founder Leila Wilcox decided to make her range of babies’ and children’s toiletries that are free from chemical nasties after her son suffered skin reactions following bath times which she felt happened due to nasty chemicals found in a lot of products that she had previously been using.  After cutting out the chemicals that she believed to be the irritating culprits of her son’s skin reactions she found his skin improved and instead of the red and blotchy reactions he had been having his skin was once again clear and soft.  Leila found it extremely difficult to find products that were free from the chemicals so she decided to start a company and make them herself so that parents could buy toiletries for their little ones that were free from chemical nasties without having to go to specialist shops.  Leila founded Halos N Horns on Channel 4’s show Make Me  A Million and today her range of babies’ and children’s toiletries free from chemical nasties can be bought on the high street helping parents do the best for their children and be kind to their angelic skin. 

Halos N Horns make lovely, beautifully smelling, brightly coloured toiletries for little ones that are free from chemical nasties and all of their bath time products are made with natural conditioners and plant-derived cleansing ingredients  so that they are gentle on your little angel’s skin.  They never use known skin irritants and nasty chemicals in their products, including parabens, pthalates, SLS and SLES.

* Halos N Horns kindly sent us this toothpaste to review for free, despite this I have written an honest review that contains my own words and opinions *

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