Sunday 15 April 2012

Bouncing, Spinning Fun!!

One of the presents that Tristan got from mummy and daddy for his 1st birthday was a Fisher Price Bounce and Spin Zebra and he loves it!  He has a Fisher Price Rainforest Jumparoo and has loved that from the first day we got it for him and I hoped he would like the bounce and spin zebra too.  So far the cute little zebra is a huge hit too!!

I’ve had the little zebra hidden away in the spare room since last summer in anticipation for little man’s 1st birthday.  I was lucky enough to win the bounce and spin zebra on a competition I entered.  I won the bounce and spin on Tesco’s facebook competition last summer where you could win whatever you wanted from the Tesco catalogue by getting creative and writing within a set amount of words why you wanted to win the item you had chosen.  I was trying to win a few different things and luckily I managed to win the bounce and spin zebra for my little man.    Tesco’s motto is “every little helps” and their brilliant competition really did help us out!

I felt very excited about this present for Tristan as I thought he would love it and I couldn’t wait to see him play with the cute little zebra.  The morning of his birthday little zebra was unveiled and Tristan was very curious about his new toy.  He had a big grin on his face and kept walking around and around the zebra inspecting it before getting on his back for a ride, bouncing and spinning around and around.

Since his birthday Tristan has played with his new friend lots and lots.  It is so cute watching him bounce on the zebra and he always has a big smile on his face and screams excitedly as he bounces and spins.  Fisher Price’s Bounce and Spin Zebra is a huge hit with my cheeky little monkey.

Thank you Tesco for giving us this fabulous prize that has put a big smile on my son’s face as he has lots of fun playing with his bounce and spin zebra.

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