Saturday 7 April 2012

Ella's Kitchen Munchy Biccies Review

We are fans of Ella’s Kitchen and have used a lot of their products; we even reviewed their First Taste pouches.  As Tristan loves their food, devouring the yummy-ness and I love that their products are healthy and organic I jumped at the chance to review one of their new products.

Ella’s Kitchen have created a new range of snacks for toddlers, suitable from 12 months, called Munchy Biccies which are according to Ella’s Kitchen “great for little hands and mums and dads on the go!”  These "gently baked wholegrain, cheese and apple biscuits" are 100% organic with absolutely no concentrates or refined sugars and are suitable for vegetarians.  There are 3 varieties available – Cheese and Apples, Cinnamon and Orange, and Bananas.  They come in a big bag which contains 5 x 20g bags.

Ella's Kitchen Munchy Biccies

Ella's Kitchen Munchy BicciesWe were sent a bag of the Munchy Biccies Cheese and Apples for Tristan to try.  As will all of Ella’s Kitchen’s products the packaging is bold and bright with the colour representing the flavour, i.e. bright green for apples.  The 20g bags are the perfect size to pop in your bag so that you have a healthy snack to hand for your little one when out and about.

Tristan loves these Munchy Biccies; he devours them finishing the little bags in a flash.  He happily munches on these yummy treats that are a great hit with my little man; I struggled to get pictures of him eating one as he was enjoying them so much and he likes to have a biccie in hand ready to pop in his mouth once he has finished with the one he is already eating.  The biccies are a great size for my little man to feed himself and even though he feeds himself brilliantly already I love that these mini biccies help encourage self feeding and are great for developing and perfecting the pincer grip and hand eye coordination.  I have had a little nibble of one of these biccies myself and the taste is great and I love the classic combo of cheese and apples.  The biccies are savoury with a hint of sweetness, they are firm to the touch and are a crumbly, soft texture when eaten.

Munchy Biccies Cheese and Apples

Tristan loves his food and has a fantastic appetite, eating me out of house and home already and when we go out I have to make sure I have an abundant supply of snacks to keep his appetite satisfied; my bag is always filled with fruit (which he loves!!), a few biscuits and oaty bars.  These Munchy biccies have become one of the top snacks I grab to put in my bag for when we are out and about for when the need for a snack hits as they keep my little man happy and satisfy his hunger and I like that they are a healthy snack for him to have.  I know that he is getting an organic snack that is a healthy alternative to sugar filled products with these and Ella’s Kitchen is a brand that I trust to give my little man tasty and healthy snacks with no added nasties.  I love that these biccies help fill my little man’s tummy keeping him fuller for longer and giving him energy for all of his little adventures as he is always active mastering new skills and exploring his surroundings.  I will definitely be getting more of these and hope to find a local stockist (the downside of living in the sticks is that the range of snacks at stockists is rather poor compared to the city) to get some and we will be getting the other flavours to compare and give Tristan a variety; the Cinnamon and Oranges sounds yummy and I think it will also be a hit with Tristan as he has loved the food I have given him that has had cinnamon in.

These tasty Munchy Biccies cost £1.79 (RRP) for a big bag that contains 5 small 20g bags and can be purchased from Tesco, Asda and Sainsburys.  The price is on average with other toddler snacks on the market and I am happy to pay this amount for a healthy, tasty snack that I know my little man loves.  You can see all of the Munchy Biccies range on the Ella’s Kitchen website as well as their baby food and other snacks including their other new range of snacks for toddlers called Nibbly Fingers.  The Nibbly Fingers also comes in 3 varieties – Strawberries and Apples, Bananas and Raisins, and Mangoes and Carrots; I will definitely be getting these for Tristan to try.  Ella’s Kitchen has a fun and informative website, where you can also ‘Become a Friend’ and as a friend you get a fab free weaning guide and money saving coupons.  Keep up-to-date with their news by joining them on their facebook page and following them on twitter @EllasKitchen.

Along with the Munchy Biccies we also got sent some sunflower seeds.  I have started getting all green fingered of late, planting lots of fruit, veg and beautiful flowers and will be planting these seeds so we can have some beautiful sunflowers brightening up our garden.

A little about Ella’s Kitchen.

Ella's Kitchen Logo

Ella’s Kitchen was created by a dad, Paul who passionately believes that his daughter Ella and her generation should have the opportunity to eat good, healthy food that is fun and tasty.  They create tasty foods and snacks for little once that contain natural ingredients that ooze goodness, with baby foods and packaging that appeals to little ones focusing on appealing flavours, colours, textures and names of their products.  They have also researched the important role that all 5 senses have in developing eating habits and provide parents with information about this on their stuff for the senses webpage.  Ella’s Kitchen products encourage healthy eating habits and their range provides parents with healthy and organic choices for their little ones that are convenient too. 

Ella’s Kitchen also likes to help the environment and have teamed up with eco-friendly TerraCycle and their Upcycle Campaign.  The concept is simple you just save your used baby food pouches and send them free of charge to TerraCycle who then upcycle them to make creative and interesting bibs, lunch boxes etc.  Not only by participating are you helping the environment by reducing the amount of pouches that end up on landfills but by sending in the pouches to be upcycled TerraCycle make a donation to your choosen charity for every pouch they receive.  The Campaign is great for the environment and fantastic causes too.

* Ella’s Kitchen kindly sent us these Munchy Biccies to review for free, despite this I have written an honest review that contains my own words and opinions *

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