Saturday 7 April 2012

Childhood memories - Easter as a child

I used to love Easter as a child, not for the chocolate Easter eggs even though I did get given a few but for the fun and creative activities my mum would do with us.  We were lucky that my mum was creative with us all year round but I do have fond memories of Easter fun.

I had so much fun making home made Easter cards to give to relatives and making bunnies and chicks using a variety of different materials.  We would also have lots of fun making chocolate nests, helping to cook cupcakes which we would then decorate in an Easter theme and then thoroughly enjoying eating all the yummy cakes.  Easter would not have been the same if we had not decorated eggs; it was so much fun getting messy and creative decorating eggs in lots of different ways including painting them, gluing on materials, making little animals and making shimmering eggs using glitter.

One of my fondest memories of Easter is that my mum would do Easter egg hunts for us, leaving cryptic clues all over our family’s farm for us to crack to find the yummy Easter eggs.  It was hilarious running around outside trying to figure out the clues to lead us to the next clue in the desire to find where she had stashed the tasty Easter eggs. 

Trying to solve a cryptic clue.

These are just a few of the lovely memories I have of Easter as a child and I hope to recreate them with Tristan as he grows older with Easter crafts and fun Easter egg hunts become a treasured traditional for the family.

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