Tuesday 17 April 2012

Peppa Pig Minis Review

We were sent a selection of Peppa Pig Minis from Golden Bear to review.  These mini products are suitable for children 3 years plus (36 months).

This set comes with two little pots of dough, one red and one blue, dough cutting tool and 2 moulds.  The moulds allow children to make 3D figurines of Peppa Pig, George and George’s dinosaur.

Tristan’s cousins, the cheeky little testers enjoyed making these characters from Peppa Pig and easily make cute little figurines by putting the dough into the character mould, squeezing the mould shut and then popping out their new friends.  They played with the characters, engaging in imaginative play, giving them voices and telling stories with the 3D characters before squashing them so that they could make them again.  Little Miss B loved George’s dinosaur, saying ‘he’s really cute’.

The Peppa Pig Mini Dough has an RRP of £6.99.  It would be great if you could buy other moulds and dough colours as even though little testers were entertained I think they would soon get bored of only having 3 characters / 2moulds and I think additional characters and props would further encourage imaginative play and creativity.

The Peppa Pig Mini Stick-On Felts is a set that contains a decent sized felt board and a selection of 22 colourful reusable sticky felt pieces.  The bright felt pieces include recognisable characters such as Peppa and George from the children’s cartoon Peppa Pig as well as other items including the sun, trees and ball.  The felt pieces are well made with good attention to detail.  I would like to see included in the set something to store the board and felt pieces to save loosing the lovely felt pieces.

Tristan’s cousins are huge fans of Peppa Pig and they were very excited about playing with this set.  They had lots of fun using the variety of different felt pieces to create stories and beautiful pictures.  Playing with the pieces and telling stories really sparked their imagination and creativity, keeping them entertained for ages.  I think this set is great for imaginative play and perfect for little ones who love Peppa Pig. 

The Mini Stick on Felts are available in two designs, Peppa Pig House (which we were sent) and Princess Peppa; both of which have an RRP of £9.99.  You can also get a Peppa Pig Colour Your Own Peppa Felt set which has a mixture of coloured and uncoloured felt pieces, little ones can colour in the uncoloured felt pieces with the 6 coloured pens that are included in the set which encourages creativity.

The mini sketchy fun is a little screen that children can draw on using the attached pen and then children can magically erase their picture so that they can draw on the screen again.  It works by using iron filing and magnets to sketch pictures with the plastic slider wiping out the drawings so the screen is once again a blank canvas for children to get creative on. 

Little testers loved drawing on the screen with the ‘special’ pen; they had lots of fun erasing the drawings so that they could create more and more pictures on their little pink screen.  Little Miss E loved the pink colour as it’s her favourite colour and they wanted one each so that they didn’t have to share.

I think it has great play value and allows children to entertain themselves drawing pictures and they could even practice letters.  It is very compact and I think it is perfect for keeping children entertained whilst travelling.  The Mini Sketchy Fun has a RRP of £5.99 which I think is good value for money.  It is available in Peppa (the one we were sent) or George (a blue mini sketchy fun) designs.

* Golden Bear Toys kindly sent us these Peppa Pig Minis to review for free, despite this I have written an honest review that contains my own words and opinions *

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