Monday 16 April 2012

Real Nappy Week 2012

As a mummy who uses cloth nappies and loves them I am looking forward to Real Nappy week starting tomorrow, Monday the 16th of April till Sunday the 22nd of April.  Real Nappy Week is about celebrating and promoting real nappies, with this year’s theme being ‘Real Nappy… Real Easy’.  Real Nappy Week is happening at the same time as Real Diaper Week in the US and many European countries are getting involved to show that Real Nappies are Real Easy. 

This week gives fluffy mummies and those who are considering trying cloth nappies the opportunity to get some gorgeous fluff at a discounted price with many nappy retailers discounting their nappies during this week of celebration of real nappies.  As well bargains there are also lots of fabulous competitions to enter, some of which have already started in anticipation of Real Nappy Week.

So as not too miss any great bargains and competitions I would suggest looking at websites of nappy retailers you use/would like to try as chances are they will either have discounts or a competition or both.  Like nappy companies on facebook and follow them on twitter to keep up to date with their Real Nappy Week celebrations.

During this week as well as discounts and competitions you can also get involved in online activities co-ordinated by Go Real who are a fluff-tastic real nappy information service that provides a wealth of information about cloth nappies.  There are also lots of events happening around the World to celebrate cloth nappies, to find an event near you check out the events calendar on the Go Real website.

Go Real have a brilliant Real Nappy Week competition on their website with various exciting prizes to be won such as Baba+Boo Starter Pack, Dotty Bots nappy bundle, Bum Deal Daisy set and £100 worth of colourful nappies from GreenPomelo as well as other brilliant prizes.  There are lots of ways to enter this brilliant competition, the more entries you complete the more chance you have of winning.  Go Real are also hosting the great deal nappy giveaway where they will be giving away hundreds of real nappies to new real nappies users.

On Saturday the 21st of April at 5pm UK time The Great Cloth Diaper (Nappy) Change will be happening to attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the most real nappies changed simultaneously.  Last years event resulted in 5026 nappy changes and the hope is to break that record this year and show how easy real nappies are.  I hope to go to my nearest host location and take part in a World Record breaking attempt.  If you want to join the attempt find your nearest location by using the search facility on The Great Cloth Diaper Change website.

Celebrate cloth nappies!  Buy some gorgeous new fluff, enter competitions to win some new cloth nappies, go to an event and chat about the fabulous world of fluff.  Hope my fellow fluffy mums (and dads!) enjoy Real Nappy Week and for parents/parents-to-be who are considering cloth nappies this week is a fabulous opportunity to enter the world of cloth nappies and fall in love with the wonderful fluffy world of real nappies.

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  1. Seriously? I can't even believe this. Anyway, cloth nappies are great and most mothers use it for their babies since they find it so practical. Disposable nappies are far better for me though.