Wednesday 2 May 2012

Sudocrem Sunscreen Mousse Review

Rain, rain, go away
Come again some other day
We want to go outside and play
Come again some other day.

Oh how I wish the rain would go and the sun come out play.  It would be great to see the rain go away and in its place the sun shine all day.  We love to be outside, enjoying the countryside.  If the sun was shining and we were outside having fun, it would be the perfect time to review Sudocrem’s new product which protects little ones from the sun.
A few weeks ago we were having some lovely weather and Tristan and I were enjoying lots of time spent outdoors having fun and going on lots of country walks.  Alas the nice weather has disappeared and in its wake the rain has taken over.  This change of weather is bad timing for testing the Sudocrem Sunscreen Mousse which we were sent to review.

Knowing how unpredictable the British weather is, let alone how notorious Wales is in connection with rain, I will review this sunscreen on its ease of use and practicality and will update you all once the weather has improved and we can test out the sun protection and its effectiveness.

The Sudocrem Sunscreen Mousse is an innovative factor 50 kids sun protection product, and as it is SPF 50 it filters 98% of UVB radiation which are the rays that cause burning.  Also as it is a factor 50 product it meets skincare experts’ recommended 4 star UVA protection mark which promises superior defence against the rays that can cause longer term damage.  It provides broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection which the NHS recommends is used for protecting children’s skin from the sun.

Sudocrem’s patented mousse formulation has been created using ProDerm technology which has skin moisturising and barrier-strengthening and protecting properties.  The mousse has been specially formulated to be gentle on babies’ and children’s delicate skin and it closely mimics the skin’s composition to gently moisturise and protect the outer layer.  As it has been designed to closely mimic skin it is noncomedogenic which means it does not block pores and as it is rapidly absorbed by the skin it forms a semi permeable layer which allows the skin to breathe.  Sudocrem claim it contains no ‘nasties’ and that this sunscreen is hypoallergenic and free from perfumes, colours, parabens and other preservatives.

This sunscreen comes in a 150ml can and dispenses easily and mess free with one quick squirt.  The light and foamy mousse rubs in with ease and spreads well, a little goes a long way and as the application is quick and easy you can cover a limb in seconds.  It absorbs quickly into the skin giving the skin a healthy looking, glowing sheen when first applied but it does not leave any sticky, greasy residue which is great.  It leaves skin feeling smooth and slightly moisturised and even though it’s designed for little ones as it has the ProDerm technology and is hypoallergenic I think it would be great for my sensitive skin too which is great as the whole family could use it.  Some sunscreens have an unpleasant sunscreen scent that is very strong and I really like the fact that this sunscreen does not have any noticeable scent as it is fragrance free.

My only niggle with this sunscreen is that on Boot’s website for this product under Safety Advice it states – Contains Benzophenone-3.  Now I must confess I don’t know what Benzophenone-3 is but the fact that it is listed under safety advice does cause me some concern but surely the fact that this is a kids sunscreen product that has been specially formulated to be delicate on young skin and is hypoallergenic must mean it is safe and will be gentle and safe on children’s delicate skin? Mmmm…..maybe there are no sunscreen products that are 100% free from nasties and the best ones are the ones with the least amount of nasties.  Sudocrem say this sunscreen is “missing many of the ‘nasties’ found in some conventional sun protection products such as colourants, perfumes and preservatives” so at least by using this product those particular nasties won’t be a concern.

Now all we need is for the sun to start shining again and banish the rain for a little while so that I can test out this sunscreen’s protection.  When the weather is nice we spend a lot of time outdoors, going for walks and playing and I think protecting your skin is vital especially protecting my little man’s delicate skin and I am looking forward to seeing how effective Sudocrem’s sunscreen mousse is.  Even though we haven’t fully tested it I do like the fact that this mousse has a ‘very water resistant’ rating which is the highest rating available for a sun protection product, meaning it will be great for fun splashy time in the paddling pool and in the sea at the beach.

I’d give this sunscreen a gold star for ease of application as I love this mess free option of protecting my little man’s skin from the sun and harmful rays and it’s a bonus that compared to other sunscreens it takes less time than usual to put the sunscreen on and is great for applying on little wrigglers like my little man.   A great plus from me is the fact that it has not been tested on animals and that the can is made from 90% recycled aluminium and is recyclable after use.

The Sudocrem Suncreen Mousse retails for £15 which is similar to other sunscreen products for childnren.  Boots currently have an offer on this product which can currently be bought in store or on their website for £10.

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* Sudocrem kindly sent us this Sunscreen Mousse to review for free despite this I have written and honest review that contains my own words and opinions *

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