Thursday 3 May 2012

My First Justin's Jokes Review

Tristan is an active and very busy little boy who never stays still for more than a minute apart from every once in a while when one of his favourite shows are on the TV.  We visit the land of Cbeebies everynow and again to watch some of the shows he likes; Raa Raa the Noisy Lion, Octonauts and Tinga Tales always gets his attention.  Once in the land of Cbeebies it is hard to not notice the very popular performer Justin Fletcher.  He entertains little ones on children’s shows including Gigglebiz and his new show Justin’s House.  Not only does Justin Fletcher entertain little ones on the television but in March he released his new album “Hands Up… The Album” which is an album filled with fun songs to amuse little ones and get them singing and dancing along to the CD.   Tristan loves having a little boogie to this album and listens to it often (click here to read about what we thought of this album when we reviewed it).

But Justin isn’t stopping there!!  The talented Justin Fletcher has released his first book for pre-schoolers.  The book titled “My First Justin’s Jokes” is a joke book aimed at children 2 years + packed full of jokes to entertain little ones.

The book is bright and eye-catching with colourful illustrations relevant to the jokes on that particular page and pictures of Justin Fletcher in different settings and costumes.  The book is filled with a variety of jokes to make little ones giggle including seasonal jokes, knock-knock jokes and jokes about animals.

Tristan is a little too young to understand the jokes in the book but he was very intrigued by the bright colours and laughed along with all of us at the end of the jokes and I am sure he will have a good old giggle reading the jokes when he is older.  His little cousins who are older and fans of Justin Fletcher found the jokes very amusing, repeating their favourites again and again.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard “Why do giraffes have long necks?  Because their feet smell" and "What do you call an angry pea?  Grump-pea" now.   Not only did they have lots of fun reading the jokes they also liked looking at the colourful illustrations and seeing Justin dressed up in different costumes.  As well as making little ones giggle I think it encourages them to make up their own jokes using their imaginations and encourages interaction and socialising as they want to tell everyone the fun jokes.

Justin Fletcher fans in particular will love this book. but any young children who enjoy's a giggle will enjoy this book which is a great introduction into comedy.  The book is perfect for entertaining little ones and it is a fun book for children to read again and again to have a good old giggle.  The sound of children laughing is a special noise to hear and when little ones are reading this book you are sure to hear that special sound of a child’s laugh.  On the back of the book is a warning about how giggle-tastic this book is - "Warning!  This book will make you laugh out loud!"

My First Justin’s Jokes book is available to buy today the 3rd of May 2012.  It has a RRP of £4.99 and can be purchased on the Faber Kids website or on Amazon where currently you can purchase it for £3.04 with free delivery!! (Amazon price current on 3/5/12)

* We were kindly sent this book to review for free, despite this I have written an honest review that contains my own words and opinions *


  1. My son James is crazy about telling jokes so he would love this, the jokes are just right for young kids to understand

  2. My daughter loves Justin! The writing is a good size too.