Tuesday 8 May 2012

The World Of Popagami Book Review

The World of Popagami is an animal fun activities book created by Popagami.  This book welcomes you to the World of Popagami where you can have fun with origami animals.  Using the designs and guide provided within the book you can make cute 3 dimensional finger puppets. 

The World of Pogami book comes with a supplementary pack of animal character designs to create the little pop-etts.  All of the characters have their own names, such as Gilly the Giraffe and Paws the Bear.  Within the book there are 12 animals and if you choose to you can cut out pages from the book to fold into a 3 dimensional animal but if you would rather not cut out pages from the book you could photocopy them or you can order additional supplementary packs from their website.  Also within the book there are 3 black and white animals; a rabbit, a cat and a horse that little ones can colour in as they wish.  These pages can be photocopied so that little ones have multiple sheets for colouring in.  You can also photocopy the animals and enlarge and reduce the designs so that little ones can make a range of different sized animals, some smaller and some bigger.  As well as being able to order supplementary packs from the website you can also print off the free downloads that are available on the website.  I have noticed unless you were using high-quality paper to print off the downloads or photocopy the animals the pop-ettes made this way aren’t as sturdy and durable as the ones made using the sheets in the supplementary pack.


The cute and unique little pop-ette finger puppets are easy to make and the detailed step by step guide and which includes pictures on origami folds is easy to understand and follow so that you can make the adorable little finger puppets .  Even though the instructions are easy to understand I think its great that on the website as well having the step by step instructions they also have a video that you can watch that shows the folds to do so that you can bring the delightful animals to life.

As well as providing designs for children to make animal finger puppets within the book there are also suggested activities for children to do using the finger puppets.   I like the addition of suggested activities, some I prefer more than other such as waterproofing the pop-ettes to allow them to float on water whilst I think others are a tad basic as an activity such as fill with sweets but the different suggestions does show how versatile they can be.

Even though I found them easy enough to make after seeing Tristan’s cousins making them I would say that it is more suited for older children to make them rather than younger children but great for children of all ages to have playing with them.  Even though the youngest struggled to make them as she found it quite fiddly she had lots of fun trying and I think it was good for her to follow instructions, watching and copying me and her sister and attempting the origami folds was good for developing hand eye co-ordination, patience and dexterity.   They thought the animals were very cute and as well as keeping them for themselves they wanted to give a few to their friends too as little presents.  They also had lots of fun trying out some of the activities within the book with using them as finger puppets and putting on a show their favourite activity.  These little puppets are great for children’s imaginative play and the plain animals for colouring in are great for their creativity.

We were also sent their new character for 2012, the Union Jack Rabbit.  Union Jack Rabbit has been created with a Union Jack in celebration for the Diamond Jubilee and I think he is perfect for the Olympic Games too.  I think he is absolutely adorable and is one of my favourite Popagami characters.  Union Jack can be downloaded for free from the Popagami website so that you can create your own little Union Jack.

These cute little animal pop-ettes are great fun for children to play with and it is a lovely way for them to express their creativity and imagination as they make the characters and play with them.  The World of Popagami book and supplementary pack can be purchased on the Popagami website for £6.50 including UK P&P.

* Popagami kindly sent us The World of Popagami book to review for free, despite this I have written an honest review that contains my own words and opinions *


  1. Thanks for the review. I think it's good entertainment for a rainy day.

  2. Your welcome.  Definitely great for rainy days :)