Tuesday 8 May 2012

Rain free few hours

For a few hours on Sunday the rain said goodbye and even though the sun wasn't shining immensely bright and it wasn't that hot it was lovely and dry outside.  After seeing rain and yet more rain of late it was lovely to have the opportunity to go for a little walk without the risk of looking like a drowned rat by the end of the walk.

Tristan and I set off for a little walk down our track and off into the fields for a little adventure.  As soon as Pops (our favourite little Grandpa that John Crane Ltd kindly sent us) heard we were going on a little adventure he got all excited, jumping for joy and demanded that he come along with us.  

It was lovely to get some fresh air and feel the crisp breeze on my face as we explored the fields.  I always enjoy our walks and especially love showing little man things on our journey from the wildlife we come across to the flowing rivers to the blooming flowers and so much more we see along the way.

Pops was so excited about getting some fresh air as he has been down in the dumps of late with all the rain we have been having and he was like a little boy again running along in front of us.  At one point I thought we had lost him until I heard him shout 'I'm up here!'  Looking all around I still couldn't find him and then I suddenly caught sight of him high up in the tree smiling down at us.

Pops had a wail of a time recapturing his youth and reenacting his memories of tree climbing.  He was full of energy and was like a spring chicken.

Hopefully we will start getting more and more days of nice weather so we can go on a few more adventures in the countryside.


  1. Lovely pictures that tell the story.

  2. Awww we have the grandma! So cute, we took her skiing!