Wednesday 18 July 2012

Organix Selection Box Review

In celebration of their 20th Anniversary Organix kindly sent us an Organix Selection Box filled with tasty treats for little man to enjoy.  Organix is a brand I trust and we are huge fans of Organix products; little man loves their range of Goodies snacks and I love the Organix No Junk Promise. 

The Organix Selection Box contained a variety of their products; a host of snacks from the Goodies range including Cheese and Herb Puffs, Mini Gingerbread Men, Mini Cheese Crackers, Raisins and Chopped Apricots, Veg and Oat Bar Sweetcorn and Red Pepper, Raspberry and Apple Soft Oaty Bars and from the Mighty Meals range an Organic Tasty Beef Stew and Chive Dumplings with Vegetables meal.

A few of the products we were sent are little man’s firm favourites, he adores Organix’s Gingerbread Men and their Raspberry and Apple Soft Oaty Bars but he had not tried the rest of the products before now.  I think it’s great that Organix provide a selection of food for little ones from meals to snacks, all of which are full of honest ingredients and are organic and contain no junk.  I love that little man finds the Organix snacks tasty, if he’s happy I’m happy and the Organix snacks really do satisfy his hunger and are nutritious treats that help his energy levels up for his busy, active life.  A big bonus for me that Organix have a “No Junk Promise” which means that their foods are “pure, safe and nutritious”.  Organix state - “our no junk promise guarantees our foods are made with nothing but the best quality organic ingredients and with no unnecessary flavourings, colourings, additives or naughty preservatives.  What’s more we never add salt or sugar to our foods as we are confident they taste great without it”.

The Organix Mighty Meals range has been specially developed to encourage toddlers to have a life-long love of good, honest, real food.  The Mighty Meals contain no added salt, preservatives and starches and they are advertised as “nutritious, wholesome meals perfect for growing toddlers ready to move on from baby puree with lumps to more textured foods.  Lovingly packed full of chunky ingredients you can see and your toddler can bite into”.

Little man never has pre-made toddler meals; he eats homemade meals and eats the same as Lee and I a lot of the time.  He eats anything and everything and has no problems with big bits and chunks of food.  When I gave him the Mighty Meals Beef Stew and Chive Dumplings he wasn’t overly keen on it.  It looked and smelled nice and was a great portion size but little man definitely enjoys mummy’s homemade stew and dumplings more.  Even though it wasn’t a hit with little man I think the Mighty Meals range is good for providing toddlers with healthy, nutritious meals and for little ones who are not baby led and are progressing from textured baby food the range is a great introduction to meals and chunks of food.  The Mighty Meals comes in a range of appealing flavours, giving toddlers a varied diet; the range includes - Herby Salmon and Potato Bites, Vegetable and Chicken Korma, Pork Meatballs, Hearty Lamb Hotpot, Creamy Chicken Pasta, Tomatoey Beef Bolognaise, Spinach Falafels and the Beef Stew and Chive Dumplings.

Also included in the selection box was a range of Organix Goodies snacks.  Little man adores the Goodies range and with the fabulous range of snacks there is lots of choice of tasty treats to give him and they all live up to Organix’s No Junk Promise - “thanks to our no junk promise our range of goodies organic yummy and nutritious toddler snacks are suitable from 12 months and avoid added salt, processed sugars or any nasty additives.”

Little man loved the Cheese and Herb Puffs.  They are great finger food and encourage hand eye coordination.  I love the fact that these baked corn snacks with cheese and herbs are made with organic ingredients and have no hidden junk.  I also love that they are a tasty savoury snack for little man and are a great alternative to sweet snacks.  I think it’s also great that the salt and fat levels in these puffs are at least a third less than in most children’s snacks.

Little man also enjoyed the Mini Cheese Crackers; he didn’t devour them as quickly as the Cheese and Herb Puffs but he definitely enjoyed them.  I like that he enjoys them as they are another savoury snack that he finds tasty and they are a great snack to keep his hunger satisfied between meals.    

A firm favourite with little man is the Organix Gingerbread Men.  We’ve never bought the mini versions before and the little Gingerbread Men looks rather cute.  As always he absolutely loved them and the mini bite sized treats are perfect for self-feeding.  The mini bags are great for popping into my changing bag so I always have a delicious snack on hand for little man.

As well as loving fresh fruit, little man enjoys eating dried fruit.  I’ve never bought Organix dried fruit before, the Raisins and Chopped Apricots come in individual bags which are 1 portion of a child’s 5 a day and the bags are great for popping in my bag for when little man demands a snack when we are out and about.  He loved the raisins and apricots enjoying their delicious natural sweetness and I love that they have no added sugar and no artificial additives.

The Raspberry and Apple Soft Oaty Bars are always a hit with little man.  He enjoys eating this tasty snack and even though it is a sweet snack I like that they are bursting with healthy wholegrain oats and juicy raisins which is a natural source of fibre and helps keep his hunger satisfied for longer.  I also think it’s great that the tasty bars filled with 100% organic ingredients contain no added sugar, hydrogenated fat or nasty additives.

I really like that as well as making sweet oat bars Organix also have a range of savoury veg and oat bars.  Little man previously tested the Tomato and Carrot Veg and Oat Bar for a review and loved them!  The Tomato and Carrot bars often end up in our shopping trolley as he enjoys them and I like that he eats savoury snacks full of goodness instead of sweet flavours all the time.  He hasn’t tried any of the other Veg and Oat bars from the Goodies range as our local shops only stock the Tomato and Carrot bars; as such I was keen to see if he would enjoy another flavour Veg and Oat bar.

He absolutely loved the Sweetcorn and Red Pepper Veg and Oar Bar, devouring it next to no time.  As well as loving the fact that it is a savoury snack that only contains yummy ingredients with no nasties, I love that they have the goodness of wholegrain oats.

Even though I love the Organix No Junk Promise and that they make tasty food filled with goodness the fact that little man adores eating the Organix Goodies snacks is enough for me to love their products and consider them a brand I trust and love.  In their lovely and bright packaging they provide little ones with healthy and nutritious food, they are continually adding to their already impressive range of food and to keep up to date with their news follow them on twitter @organixbrands and join them on the Organixfacebook page.  On their website you can see the entire range of products, get tips and advice about feeding toddlers, use the meal planner, get recipes to make at home and learn about the preschool education programme ‘Taste for life’ which provides fun and motivational ways of encouraging children to love fruit and veg.

* Organix kindly sent us the selection box of Organix products to review for free, despite this I have written an honest review that contains my own words and opinions unless stated *


  1. my kids love goodies the only ones they didnt like were the veg bars

  2. HannahStaveley18 July 2012 at 22:54

    My daughter loves goodies .x

  3. Thanks for the review. These look great, the next best thing to home cooking.

  4. I've tried the Tomato & Carrot veg bar and thought it wasn't very nice. Love all the fruit bars though.

  5. What a great way to get the kids eating healthily and enjoying it!!

  6. I agree the tomato and carrot bars did not go down well in our house either, we love the Saucy Tomato Noughts & Crosses

  7. My children have had many of the Organix dinners and I must admit they were of excellent quality and smelled and tasted very nice too (yes, I always tried each flavour!)  I think many mums these days are made to feel bad if they do not breast feed or make their own dinners but when you are busy with work or other little ones it is not always so easy!  I found these dinners more expensive but didnt feel so bad as I knew they were healthy and organic too!
    I still regularly but the mini gingerbread men - not just for the little ones but I love one with my morning coffee too!  I feel better giving organic and healthy snacks to my children and eating them myself too!