Sunday 15 July 2012

Gumigem Gumidrop Necklace Review

I was recently offered the opportunity to review for Gumigem who make jewellery that is safe for teething little ones to chew on whilst giving mums the chance to wear jewellery once again.  As little man is currently teething (it feels like he is constantly teething and he still only has 4 teeth) I was keen to test out their latest creations.

Gumigem have a wide range of products suitable for teething little ones which made it difficult to decide on what product to get.  I was very tempted to get one of their bracelets but opted for a necklace instead.  As I have previously reviewed the Gumigem Raindrop pendant I thought it would be good to test out one of their latest creations which was launched at the beginning of the year.  I decided on the Gumidrop necklace as even though the Bubba Bead and the Skimmer looked lovely I thought the Gumidrop looked like a good combination of both beads and flat pebbles.
After deciding on what necklace design I then had the choice of what colour to get.  The Gumidrop comes in 5 different colours; Peacock, Plumberry, Raven, Black Pearl and Venom.  I was tempted by the Peacock as I love blue but I am not very keen on green so I decided on the Plumberry as its colours are both favourites of mine.

The Gumidrop arrived in a clear, plastic box with the Gumigem logo emblazoned on it.  The necklace is a combination of purple flat pebbles and red/pink beads.  It is a lovely necklace and the colours are beautiful with a hint of shimmer.  When Lee first saw the necklace he thought it was a necklace made from gemstones and was surprised that it was in fact a teething safe necklace.

The beads are solid and even though they are firm they give a little, making them perfect for little ones to chew on.  The flat pebbles are very bendy and flexible.  The pebbles are thin and even though looking at them I thought they would not withstand little man’s munching after bending them myself, watching little man chomp on them fiercely and knowing that the Gumigem Raindrop pendant (which is made from the same material and is as thin and flexible as the pebbles) has withstood months and months of chewing on without any damage whatsoever I feel that it is safe for little man to get his teeth on and chew to his heart’s content. 

The necklace is a great length and hangs comfortably when worn.  Like the Raindrop pendant it comes on a black cord and as before I think a softer black cord would make the necklace better.  The Gumidrop comes with a barrel clasp that breaks away for safety if it is tugged on which is great a little man is surprisingly strong and if it wasn’t for the breakaway clasp I would get choked.  

Little man enjoyed chewing on this necklace and he seemed to prefer it to single pendant teething safe necklaces.  It satisfied his need to chew and seemed to ease his sore gums.  Even though single pendant teething necklaces are great I think the Gumidrop is particularly fantastic as you get the combination of both flat pebbles and beads which provides two different surfaces for little ones to chew on. 

I would recommend the Gumidrop necklace; I love that it has dual surfaces for little ones to chew on for relief of teething and I think it is a beautifully stylish necklace for mums that they know is safe for babies and little ones to chew on as it is made from the same material as conventional teethers.  I think the Gumidrop necklace would make for a lovely gift as it is both a practical and attractive product.

The Gumidrop necklaces can be purchased on Gumigem’s online shop for £15.95, which I think is great value for money.  On their website there is a huge range of different necklace designs available.  The Skimmer and Bubba Bead necklaces can also be purchased for £15.95.  The Raindrop, Disc, Miller Heart and Heart pendants can be purchased for £12.50 whilst the lightning pendants which are ideal for molars can be bought for £10.00.  Also on their website you can buy bangles, combo deals, bandana bibs, amber teething necklaces.  Gumigem also offer a bespoke service where you can create your own bespoke Gumidrop, Bubba Bead or Skimmer necklace.  Gumigem can be found on twitter @TeethingGumigem and they also have a Gumigem facebook page where you can keep up-to-date with new products, offers and competitons.

A little about Gumigem.

Gumigem is a family run business created by mum of two Jenny McLaughlan.  They make stylish jewellery for mums that are safe for teething.  Their necklaces and bangles are made from silicone that is similar to the material used to make most teethers and it is free from PVC, BPA, Lead, Latex and Phathalate.  Their products are also CE safety marked and the silicone used to make the products meets FDA standards.

According to Gumigem as stated on their website -

“GUMIGEM® jewellery are made of baby safe (non toxic) silicone - like most other 'conventional' teething products
GUMIGEM® look like hard stone or Murano glass, but are actually soft and flexible like teething rings so ideal for sore gums.
GUMIGEM® help your babies' manage teething - it's recognised the process of biting down helps relieve pressure and pain
GUMIGEM® entertain your baby's little hands when breastfeeding
GUMIGEM® keep your baby occupied when being held or out and about - it's a soother on the move, easily accessible teether
GUMIGEM® necklaces are on a long cord, so plenty of reach for your baby and cannot be dropped as they are attached!
GUMIGEM® look stylish and no one would ever know its true purpose
GUMIGEM® have a 'breakaway' clasp so, no more sore necks from strong tugs!
GUMIGEM® can be put in the dishwasher or washed in warm soapy water
GUMIGEM® make a perfect, unique and thoughtful baby shower gift, or for adorable aunties and gorgeous grannies!
GUMIGEM® are a traditional teether for the modern mum
GUMIGEM®  are not made from hard beads which many dentists feel is not ideal for emerging teeth due to the potential risk of wear and damage
GUMIGEM® are priced in line with most high street jewellery, despite the high quality of the silicone used.
GUMIGEM® are the only solely UK based family run business of Teethig necklaces of this kind, all our necklaces are lovingly put together right here on our soil, with love and care".

* Gumigem kindly gave us this Gumidrop necklace to review for free, despite this I have written an honest review that contains my own words and opinions unless stated *


  1. That is such a pretty necklace that I soooo want one!...and my little one is past the chewing stage...I just like x

  2. What a fantastic idea, it looks so nice too.

  3. It's very different, in a good way.

  4. But won't they want to chew on all jewellery having used this?

  5. A brilliant idea - as long as they don't chew all jewellery.

  6. What a great idea and it looks pretty too, I'm going to buy one in peacock as at the moment all my necklaves are getting pulled off and broken by Archie