Friday 13 July 2012

Sponsored Video - TomTom Map Paradise Project

With the miserable, wet weather we have been having lately I wish I was on a paradise island.  I would love to be enjoying some sunshine and beautiful weather, having fun adventures and exploring, swimming in beautiful blue seas and relaxing on luxurious sands.  Both Lee and I want to travel and explore more of the World, it is our dream to get married on a paradise island and we would love to take little man on exciting adventures across the globe.

As I dream of being on a paradise island with my little family when I heard of a exciting competition giving people the chance to visit a paradise island I just had to enter in the hope of being lucky and going on a dream vacation.

Last month TomTom launched their Map Paradise Project.  This exciting project aims to map 5 paradise islands and TomTom are recruiting 5 families or groups of friends to help them create 5 navigable maps for the 5 tropical islands.  The 5 islands that TomTom want to map are –

*  Fiji
*  St. Lucia
*  Mauritius
*  Cape Verde
*  Seychelles

The applications for Fiji, St. Lucia and Mauritius have closed and the competition has opened for applications for the 4th island, Cape Verde.  Like with the previous and upcoming islands, TomTom is looking for either a family or groups of friends (up to 5 people) to spend two weeks on the island and earn 10,000 euros for mapping.

The lucky winners will explore the island in a specially equipped TomTom mapping car.  No mapping experience is needed, just the desire to explore a tropical island in beautiful weather and be involved in an exciting project.  The mapping ‘work’ (if you can call driving around a gorgeous island and having a fantastic adventure work) will take anything for 1 day to 2 weeks……it all depends on how much time is spent exploring, swimming, sunbathing and having fun adventures.

I would love nothing more than to drive around the island in stunning weather exploring the sights the tropical island has to offer.  It would be fantastic to visit Cape Verde and have a fun family holiday; swimming in the sea, making sand castles with little man, driving around the island on a fun, fabulous adventure.  My dreams would come true if Lee and I could tie the knot too on this paradise island; I would love to get married on the beach and finally have a wedding ring slipped onto my finger and join my engagement ring. 

I would love to be a tropical island explorer and help to map Cape Verde, I would also happily map Seychelles which is the next and last island available in TomTom’s Map Paradise Project (applications open on the 26/07/12).  For your chance to be help TomTom map this paradise island you can apply on the TomTom website on the summer campaign Map Paradise Project page.  

TomTom have created an entertaining video highlighting their Map Paradise Project.

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  1. Danielle Vedmore15 July 2012 at 21:56

    Oh it  would be amazing - I hope yo

  2. Danielle Vedmore15 July 2012 at 21:58

    Oh it would be amazing - I hope you get your dream! xoxo

  3. Good luck!

  4. Good luck! You've got me thinking of holidays now. The peace and quiet....mmm Ah well, maybe next year. :-) x

  5. Good luck would love to visit cape verde.