Monday 2 July 2012

Upset little man

Towards the end of last week little man was poorly.  During the night he woke up crying and was very upset.  When little man first woke we assumed it was teething that was troubling him as he has been chewing on everything he can get his hands on of late and dribbling immensely.  We spent most of the early hours of the hour with little man crying and not settling down to sleep. 

In the morning I took him to see the doctors as even though we thought it was a stomach bug that was upsetting him and making him poorly I wanted him to be seen by the doctor to be on the safe side.  We had to wait for quite a long time at the doctor’s surgery before being buzzed in to see the doctor which was rather inconvenient with a little one who was grumpy and ill.

The doctor checked little man; felt his stomach and listened to his chest and agreed that it seemed to be an upset stomach that was bothering little man but it was nothing too concerning.  He told me that I should make sure he drank plenty and if he got worse or did not get better soon to come back to the doctors.

I hate seeing little man upset and wish I could take away his pain and discomfort whenever he is ill, upset or even teething.  We both gave him lots of cuddles and kisses.  Thankfully his upset stomach didn’t last too long and he is now much better and being his usually cheeky and busy little self.


  1. Theygrowsoquick3 July 2012 at 14:56

    Poor little thing, i hope he is better soon. My little one is also poorly at the moment, its awful when theres not much you can do to make them better x

  2. I hope he's better now and it was just a little thing.