Saturday 7 July 2012

Yoomi Pod Review

A few months ago we tested and reviewed the Yoomi bottle and warmer.  I thought that Yoomi’s bottle warmer was an extremely innovative product.  I thought that it was a great bottle that makes warming your baby’s milk quick and easy by a touch of a button and perfect for taking the hassle out of warming feeds.  Following through testing I could only find one fault……the time it took to recharge the warmer.  

Since then Yoomi have created a new product called the Yoomi Pod that was designed to make charging the warmer quick and simple.  As Yoomi have created this new innovative Pod that looks like a solution to the only fault I could find with the Yoomi bottle and warmer I was keen to see if the new charging Pod takes the hassle out of charging the warmer and if it helps to make “Yoomi the ultimate baby bottle”.

The Yoomi feeding system arrived in Yoomi’s signature yellow box which contained an 8oz (240ml) bottle with easi-latch teat, a warmer and the new unique Pod.  Like before the prominent bright yellow packaging is eye-catching and the bottle is a great shape with Yoomi’s signature bright yellow collar (the Yoomi bottle we were sent to test previously had the red Tamba collar).  The new Pod is stylish and compact; it is a sleek design and has two ‘arms’ that lock the Pod closed and it doubles as a handy carry case.

The Yoomi feeding system allows parents to heat their baby’s feed quickly and easily as the warmer heats the milk as it passes through the warmer to the teat.  To enable the Yoomi bottle to warm feeds in just 60 seconds at the touch of a button the futuristic looking warmer has to be charged (warmers can be recharged up to 150 times).  You can still recharge the warmer using the previous methods; boiling the charger in a pan for 25 minutes (plus cooling down time) and in an electric steam steriliser for the same amount of time.  Even though charging the warmer those ways is easy to do, both ways are time consuming.

As the previous methods of recharging the warmer are time heavy, the Pod aims to reduce the charging time significantly to just 2 minutes.  To charge the warmer using Yoomi’s latest addition to their award winning feeding range, the Pod, you simply –

*  Place the warmer upside down in the Pod.
*  Secure the Pod’s lid by clicking the arms into place.
*  Pop the Pod into a microwave and heat on full power for the specified duration according to the guidelines in the Yoomi feeding system guide (follow the guidelines for timing as heating time is connected to the microwave wattage).
*  Take out the Pod and shake it vigorously for 30 seconds (a rattle should be heard).
*  Pop the Pod back into the microwave and heat for an additional 30 seconds,
*  Take out the Pod and shake it again for 30 seconds.
*  Allow to cool before use.

From the Yoomi guide

Unlike the other methods of recharging the warmer, by using the Pod the warmer is not sterilised however you can quickly sterilise the warmer by using an electric steam steriliser for a standard cycle or boiling in water for just 4 minutes.

I really like the fact that Yoomi have incorporated in the Pod design a red warning band which becomes visible for safety reasons if you over-cook the warmer.  I also like the fact that in the guidelines Yoomi have incorporated some ‘recharge tips’ so that you get the best out of the Yoomi feeding system and inform users that if the warmer’s base feels rigid and you can’t hear a rattle when shaking the warmer that the warming unit has not charged successful and it gives you additional steps to follow to make sure that your microwave charges the warmer successfully.

I love this new way of recharging the Pod; it is quicker and easier than boiling in a pan.  This new Pod is a brilliant solution to the charging time issue I had with the Yoomi feeding system.  I think the Yoomi feeding system is a fantastic invention that makes parents lives easier, taking the hassle out of warming feeds and the new Pod has made a brilliant invention even better.  Yoomi’s new Pod is the perfect addition to the rest of the feeding system and compliments Yoomi’s aim of creating an unique feeding system to make “life that little bit easier” for parents.

As well as loving the benefit that the new Pod provides of charging the warmer quickly and easily I also think that the Yoomi bottle and warmer has many brilliant benefits -  

Quick – at a touch of a button in just 60 seconds the Yoomi warmer heats your baby’s feed to the natural temperature of breast milk.

Easy and simple – the Yoomi feeding system is a simple and easy to use system.  The new Pod makes it easy to charge the warmer and it is easy to heat milk by simply pushing a button, no warming paraphernalia needed!  This easy and simple system is great for a parent’s busy, hectic life and perfect for heating feeds when out and about as well as night feeds.

Safe – the warmer heats feeds to the exact temperature of breast milk and takes away the worry of overheating feeds.  The Yoomi feeding system exceeds all UK and EU safety standards.  Yoomi’s feeding system including the new Pod 100% BPA free.  Also the warming unit contains a gel which is non-toxic and for added safety a food grade colourant had been added so that any leaks are noticeable and Bitrex has also been added which is a safe but bitter substance that ensures if a leak does occur your little one won’t swallow any of the solution.

Interchangeable – all teats, bottles and warmers are interchangeable across the range.

Comforting –the Yoomi bottles come with an easi-latch soft teat that makes latching on easy, also the natural, breast-shaped teat helps the transition from breast to bottle feeding.  Yoomi has 6 anti-colic vents which helps enable a more comforting feeding experience for baby and they can help reduce the chance of colic.  For babies who breastfeed and only have expressed breast-milk from bottles or for the transition from breast to bottle the fact that the warmer consistently heats feeds to breast-milk temperature means babies will be comforted by the familiarity.

Flexible and friendly to all – The bottle can be used with or without the warmer.  The Yoomi feeding system is ideal for exclusively bottle feeding, combination feeding or making the move from breast to bottle.

The Yoomi feeding system is an innovative answer to easily warming your baby’s feed and I would recommend the Yoomi feeding system even more than before because of the addition of the fabulous charging Pod. 

I love that the Yoomi Pod comes as standard at no extra cost when you buy a bottle and warmer (the Pod can also be purchased separately for the current price of £5.99 – RRP is £9.99).  The 8oz Yoomi bottle with warmer and charging pod can be purchased on their online shop for £23.50, which I think is very reasonable for the quality and innovation and even though it does cost more than other bottles you get the fabulous technology of warming your baby’s feed at the touch of a button making life a little easier and stress-free for this price.  Yoomi is available in 5oz and 8oz bottles with slow, medium and fast teats; various sets are available to purchase as well as additional warmers. 

To keep up-to-date with Yoomi join them on the Yoomi facebook page and follow them on twitter @yoomibottle.  Their website is packed with useful information and to be the first to receive information on new products and exclusive discounts you can join the Yoomi Family.

As well as sending us the Yoomi feeding system with the new charging Pod, Yoomi also sent us an adorable little extra.  We were sent a Little Lamb Warmth within plush.  Yoomi’s warmth within plushes are very cute and furry soft toys that can microwaved to make them “warm and cosy bedtime buddies”.  According to Yoomi the plushes “are filled with specially treated wheat grains and scented with the finest quality French lavender”.

The plush can be gently warmed by placing in the microwave and heating for approximately 2 minutes which will provide a relaxing fragrance and make the plush cosily warm.

The Little Lamb is extremely soft and cuddly.  He is very cute!!  As soon as little man saw Little Lamb he grabbed him and ran off with him and they’ve been inseparable ever since.  Little man loves cuddling the Little Lamb (unheated of course until he is older) and even though I would love cosily warm bedtime cuddles with the Little Lamb, little man and his new friend the lamb look too cute together to separate them.

The Yoomi ‘Warmth within plush’ is available in two cute characters; the adorable Little Lamb and loveable Moomi – a cute little cow.  Both cuddly little characters can currently be bought on the Yoomi website for £8.99.

* Yoomi kindly sent us the Yoomi feeding system with new Pod and the Warmth within Plush to review for free, despite this I have written an honest review that contains my own words and opinions unless stated *


  1. I like the fact that this system is so safe. I wish I had it when my child was young, it would have saved me much worry.

  2. Great review thanks for sharing, this sounds fab!