Friday 10 August 2012

Slugs and Snails Boys Tights Review

During little man’s first Winter I struggled to find tights aimed at boys, failing to find boys tights I bought him some tights from the girls range and found them great for keeping him warm from the cold providing all over cover of his legs and feet.  Even though the tights I got him were great for the purpose of keeping him warm I did wish I could find some designs aimed at boys instead of having him wear girlish colours and designs.  Unfortunately I did not find any tights for boys until recently when I heard about a small family business called Slugs and Snails who design tights for little boys.  I was over the moon at finding a company who make tights for boys and was delighted when I was given the opportunity to test out a pair with little man.

Slugs and Snails was founded in 2008, when Kathleen and her partner found tights a great solution to keeping their newborn son warm from the cold but struggled to find tights designed for little boys.  As they could only find girly tights to keep him warm they decided to design their own tights for him, making “tights that were as playful, colourful and unique as he was!”  After realising that there was a gap in the market for boy’s tights and that other parents shared their frustration about the lack of tights designed for boys; Slugs and Snails was born.  Slugs and Snails is the first company in the UK and Ireland to design and produce tights just for boys. 

Slugs and Snails describe themselves as “the home of bright tights for bold boys!  At slugs and snails we’re all about vibrant colours and individualtiy.  Our tights are as bold and bright as your little boy is.  They will give him freedom to bend and move, keep his legs snugly warm, and mean no more hunting for missing socks for you!” 

Quality and comfort is important to Slugs and Snails; their “Tights are made from silicone washed combed cotton which is flexible and soft.  Only use yarns and manufacturing processes which are Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 certified giving you confidence that our products are free from harmful substances or chemicals, safeguarding your childs health and the environment.”

Slugs and Snails have a “3 F’s” motto for their tights –
“Flexible move just like he does
Functional no more cold legs or lost socks
Funkability as bright and as bold as he is”

Slugs and Snails have 4 designs of funky tights for boys; I love all the colourful designs and in the end decided on the Out of this World design and as little man is growing fast and in size 18-24 months trousers I decided on the 18-24 months size.

The tights came in a neat box with a transparent window showing off the funky design.  I love the bright, vibrant and bold colours and I love the funky design of the Out of this World tights, which is a very boy friendly design.  I think little man looks very cute in the tights which are great worn on their own with a t-shirt or under clothes; they look especially funky under shorts and dungarees.  I love that the pattern on the tights doesn’t stop at the knee but goes all the way up the tights.  The tights are very soft and are extremely well made with fantastic stitching.  As well as being very soft they are thicker than other tights I’ve bought which is great as they will be better at withstanding little man’s wild activity and rough and tumble.

I like the addition of the anti-slip soles which is great for providing a little bit of help and extra grip on slippery floors such as wooden and ceramic floors.  Even though the anti-slip soles only covers a small area on the feet compared to footwear such as slippers which have non-slip soles providing anti-slip grip, I have noticed they have given little man grip when he is wildly running around on our laminate flooring.  As well as providing some degree of grip for boisterous little boys who are accomplished walkers and speed around with an abundance of energy I think this feature would also have been useful for little man when he was learning to walk and unstable on his feet especially on our laminate floors.

The tights fit little man very well with plenty of room for growth; they stretch well even over his boosted cloth nappies without distorting the funky design.  They are easy to put on even onto a very wriggly little man who hates staying still for even a minute to put some clothes on.  They look very comfy and cosy on and do not restrict him at all; allowing him to run, climb, jump and go wild without his movements being constrained.  In spite of my little man’s boisterous wild ways I do not have to readjust or pull the tights up at all which is great.  The tights wash well and dry quickly, looking like new even after lots of hard wearing from little man.  When little man is wearing these tights his legs and feet are kept warm making them perfect for colder days…..and there definitely isn’t a shortage of cold days so these tights are perfect for keeping little mans’ tootsies cosy.  I love that by putting these tights on him I know his feet will stay warm even with all of his busy activity unlike when he wears socks which always inevitably come off whilst he is being very active.


I would highly recommend Slugs and Snails’ tights; they are colourful, comfortable and practical.  I love that the soft, breathable cotton tights keep his legs warm and his toes cosy.  The fact that they keep legs and feet warm and that they have anti-slip soles means they are perfect for little ones learning to crawl or walk and for those who have already mastered theses skills.  They are also great for protecting little exposed legs when baby wearing making it even more cosy for little ones.  I think these tights also make for a great emergency outfit; they only take up a small amount of room in a change bag, the colourful and funky design means they look great worn with just a top and you’ve got trousers and socks in one ready for when you need an emergency outfit.    With their boy friendly tights Slugs and Snails has definitely filled the gap in the market for high quality boys tights.


Their current range of boys tights is available in 5 sizes from 0-3 years and they currently have 4 designs available to purchase on their website; Out of this World, Ahoy, High Flyer and Spooked.  Their tights currently sell for €12.99 which I think for high quality tights is good value for money.  Join the Slugs and Snails facebook page to keep up to date with news about their products.  Pop over to their page to see the fab, colourful new designs that they have just announced their new range for autumn; I love Toadstool and the Spider designs and will definitely be getting little man a pair for this upcoming winter to keep his tootsies warm.

* Slugs and Snails kindly sent us these tights to review for free, despite this I have written an honest review that contains my own words and opinions unless quoted *


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