Friday 10 August 2012

Ahoy captain....a trip on the sea to see what we can see

When Lee’s family was down visiting us for the weekend we all went on a Dolphin Boat trip off the coast at New Quay.

Initially both Lee and I were a tad apprehensive about taking little man on the boat; we were not particularly worried about the safety aspect of going on the boat but about the fact that little man was quite grumpy that afternoon from teething.  We feared the worst that he would get very upset and we would be stick on a small boat for an hour with a crying little man without being able to get off of it or walk around with him to settle him as we were on a 7m Rigid Inflatable Boat.  We thought if he got upset it would spoil the trip for the rest of the family and the other 4 people on the boat.

After talking to the lovely guy manning the boat we decided to go on the trip.  Our fears were unfounded and little man was lulled to sleep by the motion of the boat sailing through the sea.  

It was a great trip with a superb guide captaining the ship and providing interesting and informative commentary.  As well as seeing a few dolphins we also saw lots of bird life and lots of great views of the stunning cliffs.  The boat trip we went was with  Dolphin Survey Boat Trips which was a tad more expensive than other companies however it was a great trip and I like the fact that proceeds from ticket sales support the Cardigan Bay Marine Wildlife Centre.  We will definitely be going on another boat trip again in the future.


  1. What a wonderful coastline! Nice pictures.

  2. Looks like such a lovely boat trip

  3. I can't believe your little man fell asleep amid all that beauty

  4. Gorgeous scenery. How amazing to see dolphins.

  5. What beautiful photos! I'm so glad he enjoyed it: falling asleep just goes to show how calm it was!