Tuesday 30 October 2012

Dishmatic Review

As a busy mum with a very active toddler I like products and gadgets that are practical and useful which make my life a little bit easier.  Juggling household chores and entertaining little man definitely keeps me busy, thankfully little man is very good and even helps me with jobs.  Of all of the chores I do at home I seem to spend so much time washing up dishes, it seems never ending and even after everything has been cleaned, dried and put away, throughout the day there is always something else that needs washing.  Little man’s cup and the removable tray on his highchair are washed constantly and as I like to make homemade food for little man and bake cakes there are always pots, pans and baking trays needing to be cleaned.  We don’t have a dishwasher so everything is washed by hand and as there is always something else to wash my sensitive hands dry out quickly from washing up so much and I seem to waste washing up liquid and water using too much especially when only washing up a couple of things.  As I love products that make life a tad easier I was delighted when I was given the chance to review some Easy Do products.  I was keen to see if they could help make washing up less of a chore especially as they claim that their products are “making life easier”.

We were sent two Easy Do Dishmatic products to test out, a dishmatic brush with a heavy duty sponge head and a dishmatic brush with a steel scourer.  As the dishmatic dishwand is a clever utensil that claims to be the ‘natural answer to washing up’ I was looking forward to seeing whether they would make washing up less of a chore.  Even though they look like a simple sponge on a handle the dishmatic products are more than what they appear to be as the design of these clever washing up gadgets means that incorporated within the product is the ability to hold washing up liquid and then dispense it as you clean.  The cleverly simple design allows the hollow handle to be filled with washing up liquid which means that as you wash your dishes washing up liquid is dispensed from the handle through to the sponge head and onto your dishes.

It is very easy to use this clever little tool; you simply fill the handle with the washing up liquid by pouring it through the hole at the bottom of the handle and clean your dishes with the sponge head, as dishmatic state simply “fill and clean”.  I like the fact apart from the classic dishmatic, these dishmatic gadgets have a cover at the base of the handle that clips shut so that the washing up liquid is contained within the handle which is great as there are no fiddly screw that can be lost.  I also like that the handle is clear so that you can see the amount of washing up liquid in the handle which means you can see when a top-up is needed so that you can carry on scrubbing your dishes without running out of washing up liquid mid pile of dirty dishes.  The handle is well made and looks very robust.

Once the handle is filled with washing up liquid you are ready for the arduous task of washing a pile of dishes so that they are sparkly clean.  The handles have a slight curve to them and are comfortable to hold as you wash up.  These kitchen gadgets are very useful and practical and I like that I can clean the nooks, crannies and hard to reach recesses of awkward dishes without any trouble thanks to the dishmatic’s cleverly angled head.  The heavy duty head is great for effortlessly cleaning baked on food and grease leaving dishes sparkling.  I particularly like the steel scourer head as the knitted mesh of high grade stainless steel is fabulous at cleaning steel pots and pans and for cleaning stubborn grime with no effort required.  As my hands are sensitive my skin is usually irritated from using steel scourers but thanks to the ingenious design my hands do not come into contact with the scourer which is great as they are no longer irritated and my pots and pans are still cleaned.

As well as liking and appreciating the clever simplicity of the fillable handle I also like that they have designed dishmatic products so that the cleaning head simply clips off so that when the sponge wears out you can replace the head with a new sponge and re-use the handle rather than having to buy a new handle and sponge.  Thanks to the clever dishmatic head design which has evolved over time not only can you fit a replacement sponge of the same type, the dishmatic heads are interchangeable so you can use the same fillable handle with the 5 different types of dishmatic cleaning heads.  I think it is great that as the heads are interchangeable all you really need is handle and a choice of heads for varying cleaning needs.

The heads available for the dishmatic dishwand are –
*  White, non-scratch sponge for non-stick pans and delicate surfaces
*  Green, heavy duty sponge for everyday use
*  Black, extra heavy duty for stubborn stains grimes and grease
*  Micro soft, orange sponge
*  Steel scourer for steel pots and pans, BBQ's and grills

At times I quite enjoy washing up and it can be quite relaxing to switch my mind off and not think as I stand at the sink idly washing dishes, looking out the window as I do so with music in the background.  Even though mindless washing up can be great for my mind it is not kind to my hands and I find having to have my hands deep in the water does not help my sensitive skin and touch of eczema.  But thanks to the dishmatic dishwand I no longer have to put my hands in the water as much which is kinder to my skin.  It also makes washing up easier and quicker when I am not in the mood for cleaning dishes and I am finding the task of doing so a very laborious one.

I love the fact that as Easy Do are committed to environmental integrity, sustainability and responsible product development their dishmatic products are made from a percentage of recycled components.  It is great to be able to use a product that is useful and helps make washing up easier and kinder on my hands with the added bonus of an eco-friendly element as the handles made from 40% of recycled materials and the sponge refills are made from 61% of recycled materials.

As well as having an eco-friendly element the dishmatic dish wands also helps reduce the amount of water and washing up liquid that is used when washing up,  I think it is great that the dishwand dispenses just enough washing up liquid to clean dishes without waste which means washing up liquid lasts longer.  The dishwand is also great when washing a few bits and pieces as I use less water and washing up liquid than I would have without it.

The dishmatic dishwand is a simple idea for a great practical, useful gadget……just wish I had thought of such a simple, useful product.  The dishmatic products lives up to Easy Do’s slogan “making life easier” as they a great products that makes washing up easier and kinder to my skin.  I was impressed with the quality, design and effectiveness of the dishwands and think they are a fantastic concept for making life that little bit easier.

This nifty kitchen gadget is a great practical product with an eco-friendly element at a very reasonable price tag; a starter kit with 1 handle and 3x heavy duty replacement heads and 3 x non scratch replacement heads can be bought for the fantastic price of £3.95, replacement heads cost £2.95 for a pack of 6 and steel scourer refills cost £3.60 for a 2 pack.  You can buy dishmatic products on the Easy Do website and in leading stores such as Tesco, Asda and Sainsbury’s. 

As well as dishmatic products, Easy Do also sell a range of other products for "making life easier" including Eco Force, Hobcare and Bathmatic products.

More information about Easy Do and Dishmatic.

* Easy Do kindly sent us Dishmatic products to review for free, despite this I have written an honest review that contains my own words and opinions unless stated *

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