Wednesday 31 October 2012

Spooky cute spider

Both Lee and I love Halloween and like to do a little something during this spooky time of year even if we only carve a pumpkin, watch some scary films, go to a Halloween party or dress up.  We would love to do more and have a real spooky celebration but because of the rising cost of living money is tight and we cannot afford to go all out on a spooktacular event.  As money is sparse and best spent in other ways that really benefit all of the family it is fantastic when we can pick up a few things that are perfect for Halloween at bargain prices.

With so many people wanting to celebrate Halloween yet save their money and get a bargain for their buck there are quite a few retailers offering value for money for novelty Halloween items.  This year for Halloween we got a few items for this spooky time of year from Asda.  I was impressed with their range of decorations, treats, make-up and party items all for an impressive bargain price of £1 each.

I also liked their range of creepy costumes, perfect for a spooktacular party with adult costumes available for the bargain price of £10. 

The Asda range of costumes for little ones was fantastic with lots of spooky yet cute costumes available for brilliant prices.

Little man had a spooky spider costume from Asda which was really cute with wobbly eyes and funky spider legs.  Unfortunately the costume arrived in the post without any matching legs which is a shame as I think a pair of trousers or tights in matching colours would have made this costume look better.  As we did not have any matching trousers and it was too late to go to Asda to sort it out before Halloween we matched the costume with a pair of Ahoy! spider covered tights from Slugs and Snails.  I think little man looked very cute in the costume and he loves it but the straps for the spider legs kept slipping from his arms as he is so active.  In hindsight due to the costume's design I think another design or a bigger size would have been better for little man because it was a tad short on him.

We had a few items to help create a spooky atmosphere and I love the sparkly tinsel bats with wobbly eyes and the battery operated pumpkins.

We had a quiet, yet lovely family night in together to celebrate Halloween and the bargain items we got from Asda were simple yet fun items for an eerie night.

I will definitely be checking out Asda’s range of Halloween goodies and costumes next year when we are planning on having a terrific Halloween party.  With Halloween been and gone for yet another year I am now looking forward to Christmas and will be taking a look at Asda’s range of Christmas inspired clothes and costume so that I can get little man some cute Christmas clothes.

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