Thursday 4 October 2012

Play It Safe Campaign

I spent most of my childhood playing outdoors; climbing trees, riding bikes, exploring the countryside, making dens, getting messy making mud pies, exploring the farm we grew up on, walking the woods and lots more outdoor fun.  For the most part we would play outside whatever the weather; long sunny days spent on the beach or riding our bikes through the little winding country lanes, puddles splashing in the rain, climbing trees and running wildly through the fallen Autumn leaves, picking blackberries and other fruit, making snowmen and sledging down big hills in deep, glistening snow.  More often than not my mum would join in on the fun and explore with us, she would also encourage fun outdoor play by creating games for us; for example every Easter she would set up a big Easter egg hunt on the farm, leaving us with cryptic clues hidden all over the farm for us to solve to find the scrummy chocolate eggs hidden outside.

As I grew up enjoying the outdoors I want to pass this on to little man and we are lucky where we live as we have the beautiful countryside and gorgeous beaches on our doorstep to enjoy and explore.  I like to spend as much time as I can with little man outside, getting some fresh air, showing him the world and its beauty.  We go for lots of walks on the farm and little man loves it; he gets so excited when we head out the door for our walk and speeds along, stopping every now and again to explore something that has caught his eye.  As well as getting out and getting some good old country air I also like that we see lots of wildlife which is great for little man to learn about; he gets very excited when we see the cows in the field.  I look forward to many years of seeing little man have fun playing outdoors and see him learn about nature and explore the great outdoors with his friends and siblings if we are blessed with more children.

It seems that now children are spending much more time indoors compared to when I was a child, more often than not in front of the TV or games console and not having a lot of time playing outdoors and getting some fresh air.  Perhaps the reason why less children are engaging in outdoor play is that it has become the ‘norm’ and routine to stay indoors and play instead of doing so outside; with busy modern lives maybe children and parents find it easier to stay inside an play with toys or put the TV on than take the time to have fun outside.  I think a big reason why outside play is decreasing is due to parents’ fear about their child’s/children’s safety when playing outdoors.  A recent survey by AccidentClaims part of Osbornes Solicitors LLP highlights that outdoor play is dwindling and shows that children have more indoor play instead.

Whatever the reason why outdoor play is dwindling, the fact is by not playing outside children are missing out on fresh air, vital and beneficial exercise, learning about nature, fun and adventure.  So that children do not miss out on the benefits of outdoor play, what can be one to encourage and implement safe outdoor play?

Accident Claims part of Osbornes Solicitors LLP has launched a campaign called ‘Play It Safe’ which aims to make it safer for children to play outdoors.  As part of their Play It Safe Campaign which highlights the play behaviour of modern children they have provided some useful advice on how to keep children safe during outdoor playtime all of which is illustrated in an insightful and detailed info-graphic.

Why not take on board the advice provided by Accident Claims in their fascinating info-graphic and get outdoors with your child/children and have some fun enjoying the fresh air. 

Get out there, go on an adventure and explore, stay safe, enjoy the fresh air and have fun!!

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