Monday 12 November 2012

Bedtime - See It, Snap It, Love It

A while ago I joined in on a brilliant weekly photograph linky challenege called See It, Snap It, Love It on the beautiful blog Dear Beautiful Boy. I managed to participate a few times; capturing photographs for the themes Sky, Red, Eyes, Water and Love.

I enjoy taking photographs, capturing precious moments in time and I found Dear Beautiful Boy’s photograph challenge a lot of fun and inspirational. Unfortunately I lost track, missed a few weeks and as life got in the way I stopped joining in, simply admiring the beautiful and interesting photographs from afar.

Even though I have still been capturing moments, catching them in the bubble of a photograph to treasure forever I have missed the challenge set by the weekly themes on the See It, Snap It, Love It photograph challenge. So I have decided to jump into the challenge once more and hopefully link up each week and carry on doing so.

This week’s theme of 'Bedtime' is nearly closed and next week’s theme has already been chosen, with the challenge being ‘Ten’. Even though the Bedtime challenge is nearing its end I want to link up to it to try and get back in the groove. 

As I am late in the game for this week, for the theme Bedtime I am linking up a photograph I took a little while ago instead of taking a new photograph. 

I absolutely love this photograph of little man sound asleep in the land of nod cuddling up to his little lamb. He looks so sweet and innocent with the peace of sweet sleep radiating from him.

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