Monday 3 December 2012

Buy BassBuds headphones at a bargain price.

Christmas can be an expensive time of year; I try to save money on gifts by buying from the cheapest retailer and making good use of discount and promo codes. I think it is great when you can save a few pounds on a product you would have bought even without the discount, those few pounds and pennies all add up which means you save a little and that saved money can be used towards other gifts and Christmas products, put into saving or even used to treat yourself with. 

As I love a good discount code I was pleased when I was given a discount code to share with my lovely readers. BassBuds who make high performance in ear headphones are giving my readers a brilliant £5.00 discount off of their range of headphones available on the BassBuds website.

To get £5.00 off BassBuds headphones simply use discount code BB53862. 

A little about BassBuds.

BassBuds are high performance in ear headphones with added techno benefits such as hands free microphone and mp3 controller. These headphones boast impressive features – 

* Integrated microphone with call/mp3 controller
* Answer/end call control
* Play/Pause your mp3 player
* Skip forwards and backwards through your music
* Activate voice control commands
* Compatible with all SmartPhones
* Crystal-clear HD audio via the Advanced Crystaltronics Sound Technology
* Made with Swarovski® Elements
* Precision-cut, high quality, light-weight and balanced aluminium housing
* Anti-tangle, durable, double-wrapped cable
* Free stylish and protective storage bag
* Free black, white and memory foam earbuds in 3 sizes
* Gold-plated 3.5mm audio jack for optimum connectivity
* One of the largest earphone colour ranges in the World!
* Classics collection and 2012 fashion collection
Features taken from the BassBuds website.

As stated in the features list, there is 2 collections available with 20 stunning colour options available across the 2 exciting collections providing plenty of choice and allowing people to pick the colour and style to suit them (you could even get a couple of BassBuds headphones so that you have different colours available to suit different moods and outfits……..or perhaps that is just me and my wishful thinking that I could have a few of these funky headphones as there are so many designs that I looooovee). I absolutely love that there is Swarovski® crystals embedded in the design…..this little feature makes me want a few of these headphones even more! I never knew headphones could look so attractive and that I would desire after a pair so much….sigh.

Classic collection.

* Green
* Black
* Dark Blue
* Gold
* Limited Edition – White
* Pink
* Platinum
* Purple
* Red
* Yellow

Fashion collection.

*Nu Skool

Thankfully my desire for a pair has been quenched; keep an eye out for the review and see what I thought about getting up close and personal to see the beautiful design and to see if they live up to their impressive features. The only problem I can foresee at the moment is that Lee and I will both want them!

Even though I am still giving the headphones a thorough testing, I think they look brilliant and I am sure they would make a fantastic gift. In the technological era we live in where the majority of people have a smartphone these headphones would be a brilliant gift for anyone who has a smartphone and loves to listen to music and make/take calls on the go. BassBuds headphones would make a perfect gift this Christmas for music lovers.

BassBuds headphones have an RRP of £49.95 but are currently available on the BassBuds website shop for £34.95 and with the £5.00 discount code you are saving even more! 

To get a pair (or two or more!) pop onto the BassBuds website and use discount code BB53862 to get £5 off your BassBuds purchases. 

More information about BassBuds.

Remember use discount code BB53862 to get a £5.00 discount on BassBuds headphones!!

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