Wednesday 5 December 2012

Christmas, Christmas everywhere but not a drop here.

Christmas is fast approaching and I feel far from ready. I must get organised and do all the things I keep thinking about so that we have a lovely Christmas rather than just think about upcoming Christmas and my to-do-list for this festive season. 

I have been trying not to get too stressed about having a severe lack of ‘done’ ticks on my list because we will have a lovely day regardless of the small things I would like to do (presents for little man is a priority though), being together as a family will make it special. Even though I have been trying not to worry or think too much about what I have not done and that Christmas is getting closer and closer, it is hard not to think about Christmas especially as there are reminders everywhere.
It seems like Christmas is plastered everywhere. Shops are brimming with Christmas paraphernalia and promoting toys and gifts that would be perfect for Christmas. TV adverts are saturated with festive cheer as companies and brands promote what they can do for you this Christmas. My laptop screen is inundated all manner of Christmas related things; friends and family on social media chat and discuss this festive time of year and companies, brands and websites promote Christmas are full of the Christmas theme. The inevitable influx of Christmassy films is hitting the screens. Friends and family chitter and chat about presents, decorating, food, preparing for Christmas and the big day itself.

Talking to friends and family it seems like everybody else is so organised and nearly ready for Christmas except me. Presents have been bought and wrapped, tasty treats with a Christmas theme are being baked, cooked and enjoyed already, Christmas cards have been bought and written, decorations have been bought, retrieved from storage and are ready to adorn the house and Christmas crafts have been created.

I would love to get crafty and make some homemade Christmas cards and decorations with little man. I also hope to get busy in the kitchen and make some tasty treats for us all to enjoy over the festive season. A top priority for me is to get little man some presents. I also need to get some wrapping paper for little man’s presents; I cannot wait to wrap his presents and put them under the tree ready for Christmas morning. As a few of the presents I hope to get little man are toys that require batteries I also need to get batteries ready so his toys can be played with straight away without any threat of batteries dying and having no new ones to hand to get the toys working once again. I hope by getting batteries beforehand I will not end up with little man having a tantrum because his toys are not working due to dead batteries. I will be making sure when I pop to Tesco to get batteries for his toys that I get a wide variety of batteries because some toys need AA batteries whist others use AAA batteries.

Thankfully I have started to get organised and beginning doing things to get ready for Christmas; hopefully soon a number of things on my to-do-list will have been proudly ticked off and accomplished.

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