Sunday 17 February 2013

My little Picasso.

I love arts and crafts.  I have fond memories of doing arts and crafts with my mum when I was a child and ever since art has been a passion of mine.  I love being creative and expressing myself artistically.  Even though I only dabble nowadays I thoroughly enjoy myself when I can get creative and can immerse myself in arts and crafts.  As I love arts and crafts and have brilliant memories from childhood of being creative and having fun I like to have fun with little man and get creative together.

Over the weekend little man and I got creative together. 

After having lots of fun and creating crafty creations with fluffy pom-poms, googly eyes, crayons, colourful paper, toilet roll holders, colourful bird feathers and all manner of other crafty materials little man decided he wanted to get comfy on the sofa and do some drawings with crayons.

I love to see him enjoy himself creating his little pictures.  I feel immensely proud to see my not so little man sit and lose himself in drawing and then proudly show off his pictures to me.

Adorably when little man was showing off his pictures he delightfully announced what his drawings were.

Little man was proud of his ‘doggy’.

‘Daddy’ was immortalised by little man.

Little man’s favourite teddy bear was captured by little man in his colourful crayon drawing.


Even though apart from through the eyes of an innocent child and his extremely proud and loving mummy his little drawings are only a mere scribble I adore every single one of his crayon creations and love that he has had so much fun being a little Picasso.

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