Sunday 17 February 2013

That's My Hero.

A few weeks ago I noticed that Tots100 had teamed up with MoneySupermarket to host a competition called ‘That’s My Hero!’ that gives entrants the chance to win vouchers to spend at Toys R Us.  I thought that it looked like a fun competition for children to get involved in, allowing them to express their creativity as they draw their hero.

As little man is not even 2 yet I did not think we would be able to enter as he is too young to understand the concept of a ‘hero’ and express with a drawing who his hero is.  Then after our creative weekend and my little Picasso’s crayon creations where he proudly informed me what he had drawn I thought I would check to see if we would be eligible to enter and luckily we were given the thumbs up!

For the ‘That’s My Hero!’ competition I decided to enter one of little man’s drawings from the weekend.  After he had finished one particular drawing he proudly announced that it was ‘daddy’ and repeatedly shouted ‘daddy’ as he pointed at the picture with a big grin on his face.  Then when daddy returned home little man ran up to him, waving the picture about as he pointed out to daddy that ‘daddy’ was on the sheet of paper.  

Even though little may not grasp the concept of a ‘hero’ it is clear to all who know him that his daddy is his hero.  Little man worships his daddy and is a daddy’s boy.  As little man adores his daddy and was so insistent that he had drawn ‘daddy’ with his crayons I decided that the picture he proudly announced was his ‘daddy’ was the perfect picture to enter this competition with.

Little man loves his hero daddy because -

*  Daddy is silly. 
*  Daddy makes him smile and giggle and laugh out loud. 
*  Daddy rough and tumbles with him. 
*  Daddy sings and dances with him.
*  Daddy loves In the Night Garden as much (or even a little bit more) than he does.
*  Daddy gives the best cwtches.
*  Daddy fixes his toys.
*  Daddy loves him.

This post is an entry into the Tots100 MoneySupermarket That’s My Hero competition.

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