Tuesday 12 March 2013

Mothers Day gifts from my little love Bug.

Even though I think Mother’s Day should be about showing your mum how much you love and appreciate her without the need for unnecessary and expensive gifts and that you should show your love throughout the whole year and not just on 1 day, I do understand that young children love to pick inexpensive gifts to give to their mum on this day.  Children do not think about the commercialisation of Mother’s Day, they simply get excited about showing their love be it by making a card, giving breakfast in bed, gifting presents and flowers to name but a few ways mums across the country are shown unconditional love from their precious children.

Even though Bug does not understand what Mother’s Day is he got very excited according to Lee when he went to town with Daddy to get a card and some treats for his mummy.  He picked out the card I was lovingly given as well as a gorgeous plant of white blooming flowers. 

As I think that gifts for Mother’s Day do not have to be expensive I loved the Mother’s Day gifts that Bug gave me from Asda, all of which didn't break the bank.

I think the Plush Flower with 'Someone Special' in the centre of the flower is very cute and a brilliant price at £1.

Bug loves the adorable Gardening Bear for £5.

As I love candles I really like the Scented Candle for £2 which comes in a very pretty jar.

I love the sparkly pink hearts in the pretty Heart Photo Frame, which is a costs a reasonable £3.

As Asda had some great, inexpensive gifts for Mother’s Day I will be looking there with Bug when Father’s Day nears to get daddy some lovely gifts at low prices.

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