Sunday 12 May 2013

2 year development check.

A few weeks ago Bug had his 2 year check with his health visitor.

We have not seen his health visitor for quite a while now as we have had no issues and the day the drop in clinic is open for weighing etc. is not a day when I have access to the car to get there as Lee is in work.

Luckily when we were given the date of his check it landed on a day when Lee would not be in work till the evening so we had the car to get us there and Lee could come along too.  On the day he had his assessment we headed over to the play centre where our health visitor was doing the assessment.

When we arrived at the play centre the health visitor was there with her assistant and she explained that they wanted to let Bug play with the toys at the centre and witness him playing as well as ask us a few questions about Bug and his development. 

Whilst we were there they also wanted to weigh and measure Bug.  In a moment of stillness (which is very rare for Bug who simply does not stop for one minute normally) Bug dutifully sat on the scales to get weighed and then laid down to get measured.  Both his weight and height are in proportion with both landing just above the 75th centile for his age on the chart in his little red book.  It does amaze me how much Bug has grown……my little baby has grown up and is now a little boy.

After observing Bug play with the variety of toys at the centre and asking us a number of questions his health visitor was happy with his development and thinking that he is a happy, healthy little boy.  Her only concern is about Bug’s talking.  He talks a lot but even though he does say a lot of words his little talks are mostly repeating the same old words and babbling away in his own little language.  He has a few favourite words that he loves to repeat; “car”, “dog” and “go go” being the words he loves saying most.  Her concern is that his library of words is not as extensive as the amount of words on the milestones checklist they have for his age.  Even though the amount of words Bug speaks is not as big as they would like he does however string words together such as “all gone”.  He also understands words, for example when listening to me he understands my instructions such as “get me the red car” and does as asked.

For now as he is otherwise developing as expected and has no other issues she has advised to wait for now before intervening and see if his language skills begin to flourish.  She has decided to consult with us again in 2-3 months to see how many words he speaks then before deciding if he needs to be referred to a speech therapist.

I am not overly concerned about his speech and time will tell if it is something we should be concern about or if his language blossoms.  Since going to his check he has learnt a lot of new words already and for now his favourite word is still “car”.

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