Sunday 12 May 2013

Getting messy in the great outdoors.

Bug loves getting messy. 

Bug loves the great outdoors and country walks.

Bug loves getting messy when playing outside.

As soon as Bug sees a pile of mud or dirt he cannot resist getting stuck in, playing about in the dirt and soil.


A glimmer from a puddle of water is all it takes for his attention to be captured and he has to investigate the puddle with lots of puddle jumping fun to be had.

Not only can Bug not resist jumping in puddles he also loves plonking his bum down in the middle of puddles, having a little sit down in the water to have some splishy splashy fun.

I love seeing Bug have fun outdoors and especially love to see the delight on his face as he gets messy in the great outdoors.  I look forward to lots of messy play outdoors with Bug over the years, being a big kid and enjoying getting messy outdoors with nature like I did when I was a child.  Hopefully we will have lots more days of getting messy in the great outdoors; coming home muddy, messy and with wet bums.

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