Wednesday 15 May 2013

Saving for a summer holiday.

As Lee’s family live over 200 miles away we do not get to see them as often as we would like.  It has been a little while since Lee has seen his family and even longer since Bug and I have seen them.  As his family have not seen Bug since last year when we visited them in Leeds they are hoping to come on a little holiday to Wales to visit us during the summer. 

Unfortunately due to lack of space we do not have room for all of them to stay with us so they will be staying at a holiday park during their stay in Wales.  As they are considering staying at a holiday resort that is a little bit of distance away from us but near a lot of the places we plan on visiting during their stay, we are considering taking a little holiday ourselves and staying with them at the holiday park so that we can spend more time with them and won’t be wasting time travelling from home to have fun filled days with them.

Staying with Lee’s family and having a little holiday from home is only an idea at the moment but we are definitely going to be having lots of fun and frolics with the family when they are here, visiting lots of family friendly places and attractions.  Even though his family are not planning on coming down till the summer it will be here before we know it so we are already starting to save, putting money aside for our days out.  Not only are we putting a little bit of money aside each week in our ‘family fun and frolics holiday’ fund we are selling things online to raise some extra funds so that we can have a lovely holiday and not have to worry about money at the time.

Lee’s family are hoping to stay at Bluestone in Pembrokeshire which is a family friendly 5* National Park Resort in Pembrokeshire.  I love the look of the place, appreciate their eco-friendly attitude and love that it is set in a stunning location.  I love that there are lots of activities for Bug as they have catered for little ones with their Mini Rangers activities with both indoor and outdoor activities for little ones.  There are also lots of activities to keep Lee’s niece entertained and I think the big kids in our family will also love the activities on offer.  Lee loves the look of the Tournament field and is looking forward with excited anticipation to have a go at Archery and using the Crossbows in particular.  Lee also loves the idea of being able to Kayak at Bluestone as kayaking is something he has always wanted to do.

We are all looking forward to having splishy splashy fun at Bluestone’s waterpark, Blue Lagoon.  Blue Lagoon boasts an indoor wave machine, rapids river ride and flue rides that are sure to keep the big kids of our family entertained for hours.  I am looking forward to relaxing on the lazy river and watching Bug have fun at the wet play area.

We are planning on taking Lee’s family to one of our favourite places, Folly Farm, where Bug always has a great time.  As Bug loves Folly Farm it does not take much of a reason for us to want to go there but we want to go especially as Lee’s mum wants to see Bug have fun there instead of just being shown photographs of his little adventures at Folly Farm.

The whole family are looking forward to seeing the animals at Folly Farm and are especially looking forward to seeing the Giraffes.  I also can’t wait to see the new additions to Folly Farm….the Penguins! 

The big kids of the family are looking forward to having a thrill on the rides at the Vintage Funfair and I know Bug will love having a little ride on the cars on the carousels for little ones.

We are also planning on going to Oakwood theme park for the big kids to get some bigger thrills on the wide array of rides at the park.  Whilst the big kids have fun on the adrenaline filled rides Lee’s mum, Bug and I can chill out and enjoy the mini-golf and boating lake.

Whilst his family are visiting us we are hoping for some sunny days and lovely weather so that we can visit some of the beautiful beaches we have here in Wales.

Here’s hoping for a lovely summer with sunshine, smiles and lots of fun and frolics with the family.

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