Tuesday 4 June 2013

Chocolates and cuddles.....perfect family night in with #cbias

With lee busy working long hours and late nights lately we have all been missing quality time as a family.  With a rare whole day off for Lee on the horizon for yesterday I wanted to make the most of the day.  I was excited at the prospect of Lee having a whole day off as it meant that Bug and I would have the car to go off on a little adventure for the whole day and not have to rush home for Lee to have the car to go to work, leaving Lee have a lie-in after a very late shift the night before and then be able to spend the whole evening and night with Lee instead of being stuck home alone when he is at work.

As Lee has been working so much overtime lately he is shattered so rather than drag him out for a family day outing Bug and I left him at home so he could have a lie-in and some peaceful, relaxation time whilst Bug and I went to have a little adventure and then do some shopping for some new bits and bobs for Bug. 

On our way to the shops we stopped off at a country estate and landscape park for a stroll in the sun and for some lovely outdoor adventures together.  Bug had lots of fun running around the gardens and gorgeous grounds but my wild little boy soon wore me out with his hyperactive, nonstop antics…..thankfully I kept reminding myself of our family night in that night and the prospect of cuddles and chocolate kept me going!

With the lovely weather and the sun finally showing her face I wanted to get some new croc-style shoes for Bug so he can wear them to the beach in this hot weather.  I also wanted to get some new swimming stuff for Bug for the beach and swimming pool as he is growing so fast and his old swimming suit is getting too small.  Bug loves his new bright green shoes so much he even took a photo of them himself when he nabbed the camera off of me.

After fun and frolics in the sun at the country estate and then a trip to the shops to get Bug some new clobber we popped into the Tesco Extra to get a film and some tasty treats for our night quality family night in.  Bug loves it when we shop at this Tesco, with it being much bigger than our local Tesco there are lots more things to see and often it is a lot busier and he loves watching the hustle and bustle of the other shoppers.  Whilst shopping Bug loved getting to pick a DVD and was more than a little keen to inspect what treats I bought for our night in (to see our shopping pictures and what treats we bought for our family night in take a look at our Chocolates and CuddlesGoogle+ album).  On our way out as an extra little treat with it being a day of treats Bug had a little ride with Noddy.

With an assortment of treats, food and DVD bought for our family night in we were all set for our quality family time together.

As Bug was starving by the time we got home in spite of eating lots throughout the day I got the pizzas straight in the oven before he decided to start complaining to daddy that mummy starves him.

Whilst the pizzas were cooking in the oven and Bug was enjoying some quiet play wild rough and tumble play with his daddy I made myself a refreshing, ice cold glass of diet coca-cola with a fresh slice of lemon which satisfied and quenched my thirst from a very busy day with Bug in the sun.

Once the pizzas were ready we all settled down to munch on a slice or two and with it being a family night in we sat on the sofas to start watching the film Bug chosen on our shopping trip.  My growing boy who has a huge appetite gobbled up the pizza in double quick time asking for more, declaring the pizza ‘yummy’.

After demolishing a number of slices of pizza, Bug snuggled with his daddy as we all watched the film.  Bug loved the film, ‘The Reef’, enjoying watching the ‘fish swim in the sea’ and with his new obsession with the sea it was more than fitting for him to enjoy.

For a special treat I made up a plate of a few of Bug’s favourite treats that we bought whilst shopping.  With his all-time favourite treat being Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate Buttons they had to be included otherwise Bug would have not wasted any time telling me off as he made sure I put them in the trolley when shopping and surprisingly he has an amazing memory would have not forgotten that we had some in the house.  The small individual bags of chocolate buttons are great as they are just enough for a tasty treat and it means we always have more ready for a tasty treat another day.

Also included on Bug’s plate of treats was a few of his other favourite snacks; fresh strawberries, blueberries, mini marshmallows and popcorn.

When Bug saw his plate of treats he seemed very impressed with his selection of tasty treats, saying ‘wow’ when he was presented with his plate of pleasures.  In spite of a belly full of pizza he devoured the whole plate of treats, making sure that mummy and daddy did not even have a crumb from his plate, shouting ‘no no no’ when we asked if we could have a little nibble.

Before I could give Bug a little taste of the new Cadbury Dairy Milk Marvellous Creations chocolate, as the film was coming to an end Bug fell asleep snuggle up in my arms.

With Bug sound asleep, tired out after a very busy day and a lovely evening with treats, an enjoyable film and lots of cwtches with mummy and daddy, Lee and I settled down to watch a film together.  With cuddles, chocolate and candlelight on offer what more could a girl ask for?

I won’t say no to ‘Joyville’ and lots of delicious chocolate.  I have loved Dairy Milk chocolate for years and like a faithful friend it has been with me for the highs and the lows;  enjoyed and relished with good news and enjoyable times and also been there for me when I have wanted to curl up under the duvet, hibernate and cry, giving me a big chocolatey cuddle.

Lots of yummy Dairy Milk chocolate to choose from…..oh what a troublesome dilemma!

A lovely refreshing glass of ice-cold Shloer to enjoy with the chocolate as we snuggle on the sofa and watch a film together.

I love the packaging of the new Dairy Milk Marvellous Creations chocolate.  The packaging and design reminds me of the circus.  I was more than a little excited about testing out the new chocolate and seeing whether it is a good as all the other Dairy Milk chocolates I have loved and appreciated over the years.

I love the handy ‘easy reclose pack’ but doubt very much there will be any chocolate left to be able to test out this useful feature.

I was a bit dubious of the new Dairy Milk Marvellous Creations Jelly Popping Candy Shells and got them as a treat for Lee but could not resist having a nibble to see what it tasted like before Lee scoffed the whole pack.  I was more than pleasantly surprised and I love the this new Dairy Milk creation!  It reminds me of eating popping candy when I was a child; with the popping candy mixed in with delicious Dairy Milk chocolate and the squishy jelly beans.  I love it so much that I predict becoming slightly addicted to it.  It was pop-tastic and choc-tastic all rolled into one delicious chocolate bar.

As I love cookies I was really looking forward to tasting the new Dairy Milk Marvellous Creations Cookie Nut Crunch.  It was lovely but after the ‘wow’ I experienced with the Dairy Milk Marvellous Creations Jelly Popping Candy I did find the Cookie Nut Crunch a little lacking in the wow-factor for me but tasty nonetheless. 

The whole day and night was lovely and I cannot wait to have some more quality time together as a family.  I look forward to the next night that Lee has off in the future to enjoy some more chocolate and cuddles together as we watch a film but until then I think I have found a new tasty treat to satisfy my chocolate cravings when Lee is working and Bug is in bed….the new Dairy Milk Marvellous Creations Jelly Popping Candy Shells!

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  1. Chocolate + cuddles sounds like the perfect combination to me. It looks like you had a lovely day and evening together.