Wednesday 12 June 2013

Crafting a creative bedtime story.

Bug and I often enjoy getting creative, having lots of messy fun painting and being crafty.  Even though we partake in messy, crafty play a few times a week and I usually take a photograph or two of our creative play I never seem to get round to writing about it and sharing the photographs.

Bug thoroughly enjoyed getting creative with mummy when we recently crafted a creative bedtime story together called ‘Goodnight little chick’.

As always Bug delighted in getting messy painting, enjoying using a rainbow of colours to create his lovely painting for our little story.

After painting a landscape scene for the story Bug wanted to make the painting more interesting by creating big swirls in the sky.

Bug always enjoys getting messy making colourful hand and foot prints with paint and this time was no exception.  He happily painted yellow paint on his foot, giggling as he did so saying that it ‘tickled’ before stomping on some paper to create the star of our story ‘little chick’.

Using cardboard squares and circles that mummy had prepared beforehand, Bug had lots of fun painting the cardboard shapes and then squashing them on the paper to create a big blue tractor.

The next after Bug’s paintings and array of hand and foot prints had dried Bug set about bringing his animals to life.  He loved adding little touches to all of the animals; particularly enjoying crafting the little sheep.  In a sing-songy, cheerful voice he was ‘baaing’ way as he created his little sheep using a black hand print he had printed the day before.  He stuck a mass of cotton wool on the palm on the hand print to create the sheep’s body of wool and stuck two little black pom poms for the sheep’s ears.  Using 2 stuck on googly eyes and a tiny pink pom pom for the sheep’s nose, Curley Shirley the Sheep was brought to life by Bug.

Bug also enjoyed adding a touch of sparkle to his dark night sky scene, gluing silver stars to the black night sky.

The yellow footprints Bug had created the day before were perfect for the ‘little chick’ of our story.  After adding a googly eye to our little chick mummy realised that we had forgotten to give the chick some wings so some yellow paint was added to the chicks with Bug using his little fingers to give chick some fluffy wings.

Bug loved painting and crafting the pictures to bring our short bedtime story to life.  Since creating our story he has enjoyed many a night listening to the story in bed, looking at the pictures and making the animal noises throughout the story.

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