Monday 3 June 2013

Organix Fruit Pots review and Usborne free book offer.

We are fans of Organix, Bug loves their tasty Goodies snacks and Lee and I love their ‘No Junk Promise’.   We have been fans of Organix since we started weaning Bug when he was around 5 months old; their cereals and purees for little ones were loved by Bug from an early and now that he is a busy toddler he still enjoys their purees and loves all the Goodies snack range.  He loved eating the Organix Veg and Oat Bars when we reviewed them last year and they along with the other savoury snacks from the Goodies range have now become a firm favourite savoury snacks.  He also loves, loves, loves the range of Goodies organic cereal bars, a few of which he tested when we reviewed a selection box of Organix products for Organix 20th Anniversary last year.  As we are all fans of Organix when we were offered a few of their fruit pots for Bug I jumped at the chance.

We were sent 2 packs of Organix Fruit Pots for Bug to taste.  Each pack consists of 4 pots of pureed fruit.  

Both packs we were sent consists of 2 flavours, with 2 pots of each flavour in the 4 pack –

Apple & Blackcurrant and Apple & Raspberry

Apple, Banana & Plum and Apple & Vanilla

I love that there are a selection of flavours in these packs, giving Bug a variety of flavours to enjoy.

The Organix Fruit pots are perfect for little ones who are on the start of their journey with food, allowing them to try new tastes, with the Fruit Pots being suitable from 4 months (Organix have a disclaimer on the packaging regarding weaning advice).

In each pot there is only pureed fruit and a trace of absorbic acid (antioxidant).  On the pack there are delightful little pictures showing the exact ratio of fruit inside each pot.  I like that in 1 pot little ones get 1 of their 5 a day.

The pureed fruit within the pots are a completely smooth blend.

It’s all well and good that I love the fact that the Fruit Pots live up to Organix’s ‘No Junk Promise’ and that they are a smooth blend of pureed fruit that gives Bug 1 of his 5 a day but the real test is whether Bug finds them tasty.  Bug loves his fruit and as he enjoys munching on a whole piece of fruit I must admit he has not had any pureed fruit for a long time now and I was not sure whether he would accept a fruit pot snack instead of his usual snack of fresh fruit.

When I presented Bug with his first pot he was intrigued with what I had given him as he could tell it was not a yoghurt or fromage frias.  As soon as he had a little taste his eyes light up and little ‘mmmmm’ noises of appreciation were being made. 

He swiftly devoured the pot of fruit.

Once the pot was empty of yummy pureed fruit he licked his lips, attempting to lick up the mess he had created when speedily devouring the fruit pot, before asking for more.

Bug has loved all the flavours, enjoying them as yummy snacks.  As well as enjoying them as a fruity snack on their own, Bug has also enjoyed them mixed with porridge for his breakfast and mixed with youghurt for a tasty treat.

The Organix Fruit Pots are available in a range of different flavours -

*  Apple & Blackcurrant and Apple & Raspberry
*  Apple, Banana & Plum and Apple & Vanilla
*  Creamy Strawberry & Apple
*  Apple & Blueberry
*  Pear, Apple & Raspberry
*  Apple & Cherry and Apple & Banana
*  Apple & Strawberry and Apple & Peach
*  Apple & Mango

A few of the fruit pots are blended with other ingredients to make a fruity breakfast snack and fruity puddings for little ones to enjoy -

*  Banana Porridge
*  Apple & Peach Rice Pudding
*  Apple & Mango Rice Pudding

There are a few fruit pots that Bug has not tried previously that I am going to keep my eye out for when shopping as these fruit pots have been a big hit and enjoyed as a tasty snack and I think I am going to have to stock up on some more as I think he will want ‘more’.  Unfortunately my local supermarket does not stock a great range so I might order some online as I think he would love the Apple & Mango in particular as they are his favourite fruits and I have never seen that flavour before.

If the fact that the fruit pots are wholesome, tasty and provide 1 of your 5 a day is not enough to tempt you to get some for your little one to enjoy then perhaps the current offer they have on their packs may sway you to get a couple of packs.  Organix have teamed up with Usborne to run a free book offer on the Organix Fruit Pots (offer runs until 30/06/13).  If you buy 2 packs of Organix Fruit Pots you can send off for a free book from the Usborne “That’s not my….” range of books (£1.50 postage cost applies).

We are sending off for our book and hopefully I will be able to find somewhere local to get a few more packs of the fruit pots to get a few more books whilst the offer is still on.  As our little family are big fans of book with Bug a little book-worm in the making I love this offer and as Bug loves the “That’s not my….” books, with their repetitive textured patches on each page, I love the offer even more!  

More information about Organix.

More information about Usborne.

*  Organix kindly sent us these packs of Organix Fruit pots to review for free, despite this I have written an honest review that contains my own words and opinions *

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